4:44 confirmed as Jay Z’s New Album


For a couple of weeks now, fans and the entire media industry have been trying to decipher those mysterious 4:44 ads that started popping up all over major cities and in a mysterious TV spot that aired during the NBA Finals. The commercial featured Mahershala Ali and seemed to indicate that the project was a film with a boxing theme, plus it also credited Danny Glover and Lupita Nyong’o as co-stars.
Now, a new version of the trailer has surfaced that confirms 4:44 as the title of the next Jay Z album and teases a new song called “Adnis,” which as any Jay stan knows, is the name of Jay’s once estranged father Adnis Reeves. The new album will be out June 30th and will be exclusive to TIDAL and Sprint customers, and that sucks for people like me who let their TIDAL subscription lapse.


The release of 4:44 will serve as one aspect of a partnership between TIDAL and Sprint, with Sprint customers being granted exclusive access to the album.

“Today is an exciting day to be a Sprint customer,” Sprint president and CEO, Marcelo Claure said in a statement. “JAY-Z is a global icon and we’re giving customers an incredible opportunity to be among the first to experience his new album 4:44. Our loyal, existing customers, and customers who switch to Sprint, can experience the album exclusively, plus access a complimentary six-month trial of TIDAL HiFi, giving them access to content they can’t get anywhere else.”

Following the release of a trailer featuring Mahershala Ali and Danny Glover, which aired during the NBA Finals last week, many quickly assumed that 4:44 was the title of an upcoming film from Hov and company.

4:44 will serve as a followup to Magna Carta Holy Grail, which dropped nearly four years ago.

In addition to dropping 4:44 at the end of this month, Jay Z and wife Beyoncé also welcomed a set of twins.


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