The Game – 92 Bars (Meek Mill Diss)

So last night, during a performance in Miami, The Game went at Meek Mill’s throat seemingly out of nowhere. Speaking from the stage at Story Nightclub, Chuck Taylor called Meek out as a snitch saying, “When you see me nigga, square up. It ain’t gotta be about no guns. Fuck Meek Mill.” You can check out some footage of his comments below. For the time being, nobody seems to understand what prompted Game’s threat. To further muddy the situation, shots were fired at a number of vehicles that belong to Game and his crew outside the Fontainebleau Hotel early Friday morning. One vehicle was hit, but Game’s manager Wack 100 told TMZ that it wasn’t one of theirs.

But then Game slid a new diss track called “92 Bars” to DJ Envy and The Breakfast Club for a premiere this morning. On the track he again goes at Meek, rapping about stabbing Meek and giving Nicki Minaj his “pool stick”. I know what you’re thinking: Game is notorious for starting and encouraging drama when he has a new project coming out and with his 1992 project due in October, this must be marketing. I mean, anything is possible, and Rap is certainly wrestling, but I would hope that he would at least have the proper whip shot up if he was gonna go to all this trouble. For his part, Meek offered up a vague comment on Instagram that may or may not be directed at Game. #Fire #TheGame


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