DJ Manipulator ft. Conway – 2 Drums

“I know why these niggas pissed off, ’cause my kicks $1200 smelling like Cookies in the Kith store”

Conway steps up to bully two different beats from Massachusetts based producer DJ Manipulator on the aptly titled new track “2 Drums”. This will eventually live on Manipulator’s upcoming debut album Stranger Than Paradise, due out in 2017.

Massachusetts native DJ Manipulator made some noise this year after supplying D.I.T.C. with two bangers on their latest LP, D.I.T.C. Studios, and he’s continuing his winning streak this year with a grimy new single, “2 Drums,” featuring rugged New York spitter, Conway The Machine.

As the track’s title implies, there’s more to “2 Drums” than a single presentation of sounds. That’s because Manipulator switches up the beat halfway through, providing listeners with a double-dose of slappers that’s likely to snap some necks. And if they don’t, he can rely on Conway to take on the role of a bruiser and cause some grave damage to anyone frontin’: “I’m the ni**a who you gotta watch how you speak to/ Break ni**as’ jaws, through a straw he gotta eat soup.”

“2 Drums” is but a mere sampling of what Manipulator has in store for Hip-Hop heads in the next few months. That’s because the track serves as the first single off his forthcoming debut album, ‘Stranger Than Paradise,’ which is set to drop in early ’17. Until then, you can keep “2 Drums” on repeat, but be careful: it may cause you to bare a permanent screw face.#Dope


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