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Mistah F.A.B – 6 Shots

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You know the drill: It’s open season on the Black Man out here. Speak on it Fabby.

“The police put the most radical and reckless officers in the most dangerous neighborhoods. If you’re afraid, if you’re intimidated of black people, why are you patrolling those neighborhoods to begin with? Police forces need to invest more in prevention. And they need to be held accountable for their actions as well. We have to stop the ‘bro-code’ of police and courts standing in solidarity with each other just because they wear the same badge. What makes you any different than someone who murdered unjustly if you stand in solidarity with that person?

“As civilians, we need to teach our ourselves our rights and how to react in escalating situations with the police. We’ve got to stand in solidarity with each other by participating in community work, philtanthropy, and we’ve gotta get on the front lines. We can’t jump into a healing process right away because to ask ‘How can we heal?’ is to be forgiving. Although we have fought for the dignities and rights through the Civil Rights Movement, how much farther have we come since we’ve been dragged to this country?” – Mistah F.A.B

Produced by The Mekanics. Fab’s Son of A Pimp 2 is out now.

DJ Greg Street ft. Akon, B.o.B. & Big K.R.I.T. – I Am Somebody

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Again, it’s sad that we have to declare this as Black people in 2016.

Listen to “I Am Somebody” with Akon, B.o.B and Big K.R.I.T., courtesy of Greg Street, Play this now!

FatKidsBrotha – Kill ‘Em All

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Dave and Mac from FatKidsBrotha are getting ready to drop their new project Mad At The World later this month. Today they share the video for a new Childish Major produced banger called “Kill ‘Em All” that they’ve been teasing on social media for a few days now. This shit goes.