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Suge Knight could face life-in-prison

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Authorities charged rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight with murder following his arrest last week in a fatal hit-and-run in Compton, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday.

The incident, which took place outside of a restaurant in Compton, followed an “altercation,” the office said. Knight was driving his truck and allegedly ran over two men in the parking lot. Terry Carter, 55, died, and the other man was injured. The district attorney’s office said the driver left the scene.

The Death Row Records founder turned himself in on Friday and was arrested on suspicion of murder, but formal charges did not come until Monday, hours after $2 million bail was revoked, as police argued he was a flight risk.

Police had said it appeared that the altercation took place on the set of a movie, and that at least one victim was a member of the crew.

“Looks like he drove backwards and struck the victims and drove forwards and struck them again,” Lt. John Corina, a sheriff’s office spokesman, told reporters last week. “The people we talked to say it looked like it was an intentional act.”

At the time of the incident, Knight was actually out on bail in a different robbery case. He’s now been charged with murder, attempted murder and two hit-and-run counts “with an allegation that he committed a serious and violent felony while out on bail in another pending case,” the district attorney’s office announced.

This qualifies as a third strike case for Knight, and he faces the possibility of life in prison, the district attorney’s office said.

Last week, Knight’s attorney James Blatt acknowledged that his client ran over two people and called it an accident. Blatt told the Los Angeles Times that Carter was Knight’s friend who was trying to break up a fight, and that Knight didn’t realize he had run over anybody.

“Mr. Knight was attacked by a group of men while he was in his vehicle,” Blatt said, according to the Times. “They were beating him, threatening to kill him and attempting to drag him outside of the vehicle. He made an effort to escape, he was in fear for his life. And that’s exactly what he did.”

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