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Gatorade | Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter #FarewellCaptain

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10413407_906397652722366_7572329345254131185_n #ClassAct #Salute #Respect

Rah Digga on Iggy Azalea: ‘It’s just not real’

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Iggy Azalea represents something that rapper Rah Digga just can’t cosign.

The veteran rapper visited recently to remind people from where hip hop came and challenge the status quo that’s not holding artists to a high standard.

Rah spoke about Iggy Azalea specifically, and she’s not a fan of the “Fancy” rapper.

“I can’t get into her because it’s just not real to me,” she said. “Don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re gangsta.”

Rah said Iggy is just one of the present-day artists who get a lot of “passes” because they’re popular with catchy songs.

“Why does everything get dismissed because they have a hit?” said Rah who defended Nicki Minaj’s BET Awards speech in which she assured fans that she writes her own rhymes.

“When did it become wrong to call out people that don’t write their own rhymes?” she asked. “When did that become a crime in hip hop?”

As for Iggy, Rah said it’s really not about the White Australian rapper. She gave props to a lyricist in Australia who rhymes with her accent in tact. According to Rah, that’s okay because she’s authentic and reinforcing the intent of hip hop music: “to inform and empower inner-city youth.”

“I’m fine with anybody’s race, creed or color participating, but don’t ever forget what it was created for in the first place. When it starts being lucrative and all of this for everybody else’s culture, but detrimental to ours, that’s when I have a problem,” she said. #ShoutOut @RahDigga & #Salute

The Game – Or Nah ft. Too $hort, Eric Bellinger, Problem, King Marie, Compton AV

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Dope video. Dope song… Super crazy Shout Out @TiffanyPollard (Miss New York) who is in the video…. #Salute #Respect @TooShort @TheGame