DJ Premier Confirms He Will Produce a Full Nas Album


DJ Premier says that there are plans for him to produce a Nas album after his Def Jam contract is up.

DJ Premier has provided Nas with some classic material over the years, including what could be argued as the emcee’s most definitive cut, “NY State Of Mind”. There has been talk of the two sitting down to record a full project together for some time, but it has yet to materialize– and things did not look good when the beatmaker didn’t even appear on Nas’ last album, Life Is Good.

Never fear, because according to the producer, the long-awaited collaboration may finally be coming to fruition. “I just saw him last week, it’s coming,” said Primo of the collaborative album, but revealed that it wouldn’t happen until Nas had ended his contract with his current label.

“He has another project to drop on Def Jam, then he’s a free agent,” he said. “Let him get that out. It’ll give me time to get my artists together, then we can all tour together or something.”

As far as whether we’d see an AZ feature on the album, the producer said it was ultimately up to the rapper. “Nas is in charge. I’m just the producer.”


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