Wu-Tang Clan’s Long-Awaited Comeback Is Finally Official

After months of speculation and rumors, Wu-Tang Clan are reportedly going to reunite for a new album titled A Better Tomorrow slated to drop this summer.

According to reports, the highly-anticipated LP will land on store shelves sometime this July, just in time for a couple European concerts.

It’s been 20 years since the release of Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The group has been in talks for a reunion tour as well as a new studio album to mark the 20th anniversary and part of the plan has been already executed. According to the press release, their upcoming sixth album is titled A Better Tomorrow, named after song #10 on their 2nd album Wu-Tang Forever and is currently due in July, 2013. The Clan will also hit UK for two shows in July for the 20th anniversary — July 25th at O2 Apollo in Manchester and July 26th at O2 Academy, Brixton. (HHNM)

Last fall, Wu leader RZA spoke on the importance of Wu coming back together at least one last time.

“There’s one last job Wu-Tang Clan must do. The 20th anniversary [of “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)”] is next year. And we need to, one time, completely, efficiently, properly, professionally represent our brand. One more time. But this time, showing up on time for press and for concerts and studio. Do it one time, perfect. We did good – people love it and I’m proud of what we’ve done. But all that was done – I would always say in my old interviews, “This is organized confusion.” It was kept and contained, but it was a lot of chaos.” (New York Times)

A few weeks ago, Wu’s Raekwon explained why a reunion should be more meaningful than putting extra money in their pockets.

“The bottom line is: Of course I want to see a Wu-Tang reunion. Of course. Who wouldn’t? I just want everything to be right, the business. When we made a lot of our great music, it was because we were in harmony. You cannot put guys together if there is no harmony, and on top of it, we’re doing business. As a man with children, I have to always look at that. It’s bigger than sometimes just the thought of it, the fact of it, it just gotta make sense.” (RapFix)

Last fall, group member Masta Killa hit up SOHH and spoke on the delayed regathering.

“The reunion already started, man,” Masta told SOHH. “You know what I’m saying? [laughs] That’s something natural. That’s like coming home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes all the family shows up, sometimes you might be missing a brother and you’re like, ‘Ah man! It would have been the bomb if he had came.’ You know? We’re gonna do what we do naturally but I’m definitely looking forward to bringing it all back together and holding up the ‘W’ again. Whenever that comes, just know it’s coming. Just know it’s coming.” #ShoutOut: http://www.SOHH.com


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