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Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane Clash: “He’s Officially Dropped – Disloyal Lil N*gga”

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Atlanta rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane are reportedly at one another’s necks, taking to Twitter with an unexpected beef.

Gucci Mane appeared to strike first by going at Waka and calling him disloyal.

“Waka flacka flames officially dropped off brick squad 1017. Big Guwop say give me a offer fa this disloyal lil n*gga,” Gucci tweeted Friday (March 15). (Gucci Mane’s Twitter)

Waka acknowledged the comments but refused to entertain the Twitter beef.

“Can’t tweet beef #HucciKnowHowIrOck,” he tweeted.

“”@Money_Ova_Men: So these niggas @WakaFlockaBSM and @Gucci1017 having a “I HATE YOU BITCH” moment… Lol!” LoL”

“@NatureBoy_Jones: @WakaFlockaBSM you erasing twats b?” Can’t tweet jones about a nigga I’m a let a lame be lame (Waka Flocka Flame’s Twitter)

Some rumors claim their issues have something to do with Hollywood actress Selena Gomez.

Not necessarily best known for staunch commitment to his declarations, Gucci Mane has made the executive decision to relieve Waka Flocka Flame of his Brick Squad 1017 post. The reasons for this are still vague, but we have heard that Waka too had a thing for Spring Breakers actress Selena Gomez, whose intimacy with Wop on set had been rumored. (Complex)

Back in 2010, Flocka came forward to silence feud and beef rumors involving his rap mentor.

“I don’t think it’s no split. We couldn’t meet each other on a business level — or a personal level,” Flocka told radio host DJ Drama. “Whatever the level is, I don’t know. I’m going this way and [he’s] going that way and we both killin’ these folk. That’s just what it is…Ain’t no drama. Don’t ever think it’s just like, ‘Ey, let’s get [him]’ … Don’t ever think I’m [going] to ride on him with another person. Let’s make that super clear.” (Hot 107.9)


T.I. Furious Over Lil Wayne Life-Threatening Reports: “TMZ Some F*ck-N*ggaz For Reporting That H*e A** Sh*t!!!”

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Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is letting the entire world know how upset he is over initial Friday (March 15) reports which suggested his close friend Lil Wayne was on the verge of dying.

Rather than keep cool and collective, the “King of the South” exploded onto gossip-driven media outlet TMZ for their reporting.

“Just holla’d @my Lil bruh Tunechi…& he skraight! TMZ some f*ck-n*ggaz for reporting that h*e-a**-sh*t!!! That man daughter is like mines.,” Tip tweeted late Friday (March 15) night.

“That sh*&t surely got his mama hurtin,his kids hurtin,& he got true to da game patnas like me & Othas who ready to RIDE bout all da f*ck sh*t”

“… #nowthankitsagamenigga!!!” (T.I.’s Twitter)

Young Money’s Drake reportedly went to visit Wayne during his hospitalization last night.

Lil Wayne’s Young Money label mate Drake rolled into the hospital where Weezy was in critical condition late Friday night. Paps snapped shots of Drake walking with his head down in the Cedars Sinai Medical Center parking lot around 8:50PM … just around the end of visiting hours. TMZ broke the story … Wayne’s been in and out of Cedars this week — getting treatment for multiple seizures — and wound up in ICU after. Drake didn’t say anything about Wayne’s condition as he made his way to his car. Our sources tell us although he’s stable and slowly improving … docs are still watching him closely. (TMZ)

Although not life-threatening, a Young Money publicist confirmed Wayne suffered a seizure heading into the weekend.

Sarah Cunningham, a publicist with the Young Money record label, acknowledged that Lil Wayne had a seizure. The public relations department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the Los Angeles hospital where the rapper is reportedly being treated, did not confirm or deny that Lil Wayne is there, per its policy. The rapper’s independent publicist, Kia Selby, said only, “Lil Wayne is doing well.” She strongly denied reports he was in a medically induced coma, as reported by TMZ. (CNN)

Much like T.I., Young Money president Mack Maine aired out his frustrations toward TMZ Friday night.

“Wayne is alive and well! We watching the Syracuse game…thanks for the prayers and concern..he will update you all soon. #love,” he tweeted March 15th.

“We will be releasing an official statement shortly but dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe…that’s false!!”

“@TMZ it’s certain sh*t you should not talk about or play with if u don’t kno what u talking bout….don’t deceive the fans or the people”

“@TMZ and definitely don’t try to kill a man before his time….so from the bottom of my soul and on behalf of my fam……F*CK YOU” (Mack Maine’s Twitter)