Slaughterhouse Covers The Source

Slaughterhouse stays raw to the core like Reservoir Dogs on the cover of The Source’s summer music issue. On newsstands June 28. Photoshoot after the jump.

“I almost despise a lot of aspects that come along with this industry. All the red tape. All the politics. Everything that is in between me and my direct talent and the fans. The industry will jade you. The A**hole I am today is the man that y’all created.” –Joe Budden

#ShoutOut: to my dude @BuckyBlends who caught up wit joe B #Salute: #Respect B.Dot

One Response to “Slaughterhouse Covers The Source”

  1. nice pic!! thx for taking it 808.. was cool opening up for this dude & then going out to breakfast w him, Lazy K & Gloria Valez, no?


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