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DJ Premier’s “Live From HeadQcourterz” show back on Sirius XM/Hip Hop Nation

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Great news everybody, “Live From HQ” is back every friday on Sirius XM/Hip Hop Nation. The reason for the absence is still unknown. But it doesn’t matter now, i will still try to upload the show with exclusves every week here on djpremierblog, so be on the lookout!! The first show is programmed for June 1st. Have a great day!

Hip-Hop is back!! #Salute #SiriusRadio #HipHopNation #Premo

50 Cent & Robert Greene The 50th Law Comic Book Cover

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50 recently released his book with Robert Greene and today, Amazon has revealed the new Comic Book version of the novel. The comic book should be in stores soon.

It’s a hustler’s ambition. Close your eyes. Listen. See my vision… It’s THE 50TH LAW. Focus your hustler’s eye on this comic book adaptation of my secret to success. Find out how I went from the hard life in Queens to the top of the music charts — and the business world.

Video: Inside Pete Rock’s Vinyl Collection

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FUSE’s Crate Diggers web series brings us a behind the scenes look at Pete’s legendary vinyl collection. Pete shows off some rare records and shows us a couple sample sources for some of his most famous productions. At about 5:12 he pulls out Tom Scott’s The Honeysuckle Breeze, which he famously sampled for “T.R.O.Y.”. #ShoutOut Fuse

Pete Rock Breaks Silence On Lupe’s Fiasco, “I Apologize For Being Emotional About This”

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The war of words between Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco and Pete Rock over a “T.R.O.Y.” sample continues with the hip-hop producer releasing a statement defending his image.

In Rock’s statement, he admits the grunt of his anger is directed toward Lupe’s record label and not him specificially.

“It’s true that people have made T.R.O.Y. over. I can’t control what’s done with my work after it’s already out there but I can control who gets my blessings. Those who involve me and respect me in the process, get my blessings. Those who work behind my back – but all the while putting up a front like I’m down with it – don’t. I’m flattered that they wanted to remake my song and that they respect it for the classic that it is. I just think they should have talked to Atlantic Records to make sure things were done right. The biggest violation is from Atlantic Records but what can you expect? Labels are corporations and their whole point is to sell records. If they respect the artist in the process that would be nice, but they’re not required. For as political as Lupe as, I expected him to know that and to have hopefully made them more accountable. I’m surprised that he’s siding with the corporation on this.” (Statement)

He also used the opportunity to apologize for experiencing a Twitter meltdown earlier in the week.

“Technically, there was no crime committed with the release of Lupe’s version of my song. Technically, the song can be out there but I’m not talking about legalities. I’m asking: Where’s the respect for the code among artists? No ego, but I know my place in this game. I’m recognized as a legend and I accept that. But most of all, I’m a grown man. The love and admiration that people have for me as a producer and as a man of honor has been non-stop, consistent for over 20 years. That’s based on something that can’t be touched. My music and my character stands for itself. T.R.O.Y was a career-defining song has gotten me invited to the White House. It’s not just because people think the production is dope. It’s also because of what the song stands for. I want my music to touch people but I don’t want to be walked over or lied on in the process. I admit that my outburst on Monday night on Twitter was based on my reminiscing about Heav and Troy. I think about them every day. I apologize for being emotional about this. I had no intentions of hurting Lupe’s career. That’s not me. I’m known for building up not breaking down careers. Moving forward, I’m 100% in control and focused on what’s good.” (Statement)

Yesterday, Fiasco took to the radio airwaves to lash out at Rock.

“We wasn’t on the phone like, ‘Oh, I love you, Pete.’ At the end of the day, I was hot. My crew was hot, the people who put it together was hot, my record company was hot … [The truce tweet?] He wasn’t supposed to say that. He was supposed to say the same sh– he said on the phone, ‘Yo man it was my bad, that was wack, it was f—ed up for me to say that, it was disrespectful, I was 100 percent in the wrong, I apologize.’ That’s what he was supposed to say. … You let all these other dudes rap on it, but you sh– on me? It’s like damn, it’s me, kid — I don’t know how to respect that. Part of me comes from the streets, straight from the streets and part of me don’t know how to respect that.” (“Sway in the Morning”)

A few days ago, Pete went on a Twitter tirade over Fiasco’s new “Freedom Ain’t Free” track.

“Who ever Re-created that didn’t do a good job @ all. #nohate,” he tweeted May 21st.

“This business can be so lame, sometimes I make beats blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back and still these cats can’t be original to”

“So untalented and unoriginal. Makes me feel like I’m truly the best that ever did it. Yo hev and t-Roy I love and miss da sh*t outta y’all” (Pete Rock’s Twitter)


Robin Gibb, Bee Gees Co-Founder, Dead at 62

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Robin Gibb, one-third of the Bee Gees, died Sunday after a long battle with cancer, his spokesperson has confirmed via a statement. Gibb was 62 years old.

“The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery,” reads the statement. “The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time.”

Two years ago, Gibb battled colon and liver cancer, but despite making what he called a “spectacular recovery,” a secondary tumor recently developed, complicated by a case of pneumonia in April. The singer was hospitalized last month and fell into a coma at one point, although he was later said to have regained consciousness and communicated with family members.

Gibb was born in the Isle of Man in 1949, along with twin brother Maurice. (Maurice died in 2003 of complications from a twisted intestine; eerily, Robin had surgery for the same medical issue in 2010.) Along with their older brother Barry, the brothers began harmonizing as a trio in Australia, where the family moved in 1958. Although the Bee Gees had some success in Australia – they hosted a weekly variety show there – they didn’t truly arrive until they returned to England and signed with manager Robert Stigwood. Robin’s quivering, vulnerable voice was featured prominently on several of the group’s earliest and most Beatles-eque hits, including “New York Mining Disaster 1941,” “I Started a Joke,” “Massachusetts,” and “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You.”

Although he looked and sounded like the meekest Bee Gee, Robin grew into the family rebel. By 1969, he and Barry were feuding over whose song should be singles, and Robin, then 20, was declared a “ward of the state” by their father when his drinking and partying seemed to take over his life. “It happened so fast that we lost communication between us,” Gibb later recalled. “It was just madness, really.”

But it was also Robin who, in 1971, made the first call to Barry to reunite with his brothers. Robin’s solo career had stalled, and Barry and Maurice’s attempts to continue the Bee Gees as a duo had floundered as well. “If we hadn’t been related, we would probably have never gotten back together,” Robin said at the time. Robin’s voice was heard, beautifully, on the chorus of their minor 1972 hit “Run to Me.”

The Bee Gees’ massive second wind arrived with their proto disco hit, “Jive Talkin’,” in 1975; two years later, their contributions to Saturday Night Fever made them bigger stars than ever. Most of the hits from that era featured Barry’s falsetto voice, but the brothers’ vocal blend remained an indelible part of their sound.

The group entered another fallow period during the early Eighties, although during this time, Robin produced a semi-hit album by Jimmy Ruffin, brother of the Temptations’ David Ruffin. The last Bee Gees album, This Is Where I Came In, was released in 2001. Two years later, Maurice died, and with his passing the Bee Gees ended. (Their other, younger brother Andy died in 1988.)

Robin and Barry reunited periodically – in 2010, they made an appearance on American Idol and inducted ABBA into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – and talked about a duo tour, but nothing materialized. Robin, though, kept his hand in music. With his son Robin-John, he wrote an ambitious piece, The Titanic Requiem, a mix of orchestral and vocal pieces telling the story of the doomed liner on the 100th anniversary of its sinking. “It’s a serious subject and it’s not a rock opera,” Gibb said before its debut. “There are no backbeats. This could have been written 300 years ago.”

Featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the work had its world premiere in London on April 10th. But in a sign that Gibb’s health had taken a turn for the worse, he wasn’t able to attend.

ShoutOut: #DavidBrowne

Donna Summer Dead: Disco Legend Dies After Cancer Battle at 63

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Donna Summer has died following a battle with cancer, according to CNN. The 63-year-old disco legend reportedly passed away this morning (May 17) in Florida, and her family released a statement, saying they are “at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continue legacy.”

“Words truly can’t express how much we appreciate your prayers and love for our family at this sensitive time,” they said.

Summer is known for her many hits, including “Hot Stuff,” “Last Dance,” “She Works Hard for the Money” and “Bad Girls,” among many others, and won five Grammys over the course of her career. According to an update on TMZ, Summer had lung cancer, which she believed came from inhaling particles after the 9/11 attacks in New York. She was reportedly working on a new album up to the time of her death.

Born Donna Gaines and raised in Boston, Summer began singing in her church and decided to pursue a career in music in the late ’60s. After performing in musicals in Europe, she released her first single, “Sally Go ‘Round the Roses,” under her birth name in 1971. That year, she married actor Helmuth Sommer, whose name she would keep — and anglicize the spelling of — after they divorced in 1975.

That same year, Summer had her first big success was with the song “Love to Love You Baby,” which caused some controversy due to her orgasmic moaning. The track was also released as a 17-minute single in order to get more play in disco clubs and hit No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. That song was the first in a series of singles to top or make it to the top 10 on the Billboard Dance charts.

In 1978, Summer hit No. 3 on the singles chart with “Last Dance,” a song taken from the disco-themed movie “Thank God It’s Friday,” in which she acted. She then had her first No. 1 single with “MacArthur Park,” and topped the chart three times in 1979 with “Hot Stuff,” “Bad Girls” and “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough),” a duet with Barbra Streisand. “Last Dance” and “Hot Stuff” also won Grammys.

Around this time, she also battled anxiety and depression, which led to a prescription-drug addiction and several suicide attempts. She kicked the habit, became a born-again Christian and married singer and producer Bruce Sudano in 1980.

Summer strayed from her disco sound in the ’80s, opting for a more rock, New Wave and R&B-oriented sound. Her greatest success of that era was 1983’s She Works Hard for the Money, the title track of which went to No. 3.
#RIP #DonnaSunner #Icon #DiscoQueen

R.I.P. Chuck Brown

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Music pioneer Chuck Brown, died today in D.C. after being hospitalized for pneumonia. He was 75.

Although he was known as the “Godfather Of Go-Go”, Brown influenced and inspired countless acts out of the Washington D.C area. His sound hit a high note in 2002 when Nelly sampled his hit, “Bustin Loose” for “Hot Herre

#ShoutOut: #RIP #GoGo #King

Beyonce Inks Open Mother’s Day Letter, “Everything I Am Is Because Of You!”

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Grammy-winning singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter is one of many entertainers celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend and has inked an open letter to her mother Tina Knowles.

In the letter, Bey thanks her mom for providing motivation and confidence in who she is as a woman.

“Dear Mama,

Everything I am is Because of you! You are the first voice that ever sang to me. At every turn you push me to be better. You teach me to be true to myself and the ones I love. When I look into your eyes, I am sooo proud. Now that I’m a mother, I truly realize all the sacrifices you made for us. My love for you goes Beyond what I can say. Happy Happy Mama’s Day! Love, Beyonce. (Beyonce)

Earler this year, Tina Knowles spoke on becoming a grandmother to Bey and rap star Jay-Z’s newborn daughter, Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s newborn daughter Blue Ivy is already charming all the right people, including her grandma. “She’s doing great,” a beaming Tina Knowles told PEOPLE at the Runway to Win fundraising reception for Barack Obama in New York. “She’s beautiful.” As for her duties as a doting grandma, Knowles calls them “amazing,” adding, “It’s the second best job I’ve ever had.” Although her adoration for the new addition to her family was certainly instantaneous, Knowles is waiting to decide which parent little Blue resembles most. “She’s only a month old,” she says. “So we have to give her a minute.” (PEOPLE)

Last month, Bey penned a letter to First Lady of the White House Michelle Obama.

“Michelle, is the ULTIMATE example of a truly strong African American woman. She is a caring mother, she’s a loving wife, while at the same time, she is the FIRST LADY!!!! No matter the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope – she’s humble, loving, and sincere. She builds and nurtures her family, while also looking out for so many millions in so many ways. Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that u do for us – I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to. Love, Beyonce.” (Beyonce)

This was later met with praise and admiration from Mrs. Obama.

“@Beyonce Thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to. -mo,” she tweeted April 13th.

“.@Beyonce writes a lovely letter to FLOTUS: http://OFA.BO/D4A3JK” (Michelle Obama’s Twitter)

New Video: N.O.R.E. “Kenny Powers”

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Here is something Danny McBride can appreciate. Featuring clips of the HBO series character, N.O.R.E. is on his white boy shit in his new clip.

#ShoutOut: #Respect Nore

Adam “MCA” Yauch’s Tribute Mural In BK

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Bearing the Beastie Boys’ track ”Gratitude“, the Entree Lifestyle made their mark at Maywood Brooklyn in honor of MCA, who passed a week ago. #RIP #MCA

May 7th 2012, the rain let up in Brooklyn for just enough time to let us pay homage to an inspirational artist and person from our hometown. MCA, who sadly passed away on May 4th, 2012, was a founding member of the prodigious Beastie Boys. On a personal note, the Beastie Boys were like older brothers to us. Inspiring us as rappers,stereo type crushers, instrumentalists, culture kings, videographers, editors, business men, show men and as exceptional and special human beings. Thank you for the inspiration, for this and many many more good reasons, in the heart of Midwood Brooklyn, where it all began, we payed tribute to the energy he gave us in the best way we knew how. Thank you for your contributions to music, art, and humanity. Shout outs to Mike-D, King Ad Rock, and all of the family and friends of Adam Yauch. Our condolences during these difficult times. MCA’s essence lives on. -Team Entree