DJ Clue Rant Against Funkmaster Flex

New York City radio personality DJ Clue’s issues with Funkmaster Flex are far from over as the ex-Hot 97 deejay has gone off on an accusation-fueled rant against his former co-worker.

Talking to his Power 105.1 listeners, Clue accused Flex of shady behind-the-scenes tactics aimed at him.

“Gotta address this clown — actually, where I would come from, we call him a h*e. He a h*e,” said Clue in response to Flex. “That’s what h*es do. They b*tch and moan, and they make excuses that’s all you doing all day, for why you number two. And you number two because, basically, you’re tied for the number two spot. The station you’re tied with bills way more money than you do. … So really, you came in number three, buddy. That’s because you’re spending ninety-nine percent of your day worrying about what I’m doing, you’re calling labels, telling them, ‘Look, I’m not gonna play you artist’s record if you don’t give it to me first. If you give it to Clue, your artist is not allowed up at the station and we’re gonna drop all your records.’ Stop calling club owners, telling them, ‘I’ll do parties for free.’ C’mon, man, you’re embarrassing yourself. You’re doing parties for five hundred dollars, or you’re doing them for free! You think we don’t hear about that man? Stop calling all the clubs hating, man.” (Power 105.1)
A few days ago, DJ Clue denied speculation suggesting a beef was brewing between him and Flex.

“ThingsJealousyDoes,” he tweeted March 21st.
“I’d rather keep my mouth shut then be a d*ck rider or a liar. I’d Rather that.”
“And for the record..I don’t have “Beef” with anyone or anybody. Beef over Tv,Radio & Social formats is Corny.B*tch n*ggaz do that. I’m good” (DJ Clue’s Twitter)
Tuesday evening, Flex took to his nightly radio show to go off on Clue.

“I get the records in this town first! … This radio thing is NOT your arena, ok? … People only put their faith in you ’cause they hope that you’re the next Flex!… You can’t keep up with me, boy! … Fam, you got about 2 wins in 52 weeks and that’s what you get hyped for? You been losing for so long that that’s what you get hyped for? … Who you mad at, me or you, man? … I been doin’ this a long time. You can’t beat me at it, man. You make yourself sound stupid braggin’ about two weeks out of 52. Really? That’s what you got? … My radio game is at level 20. Boy you betta go back to the drawing board ’cause you lost tonight. … Classic loser status. … I know he’s good at what he does, man, but he ain’t better at this right here. … Now don’t let me have to talk to you like this again. You clown. … You listen to me good — I aint hold this crown for so many years for some boxhead cornball to get a record tonight that you thought you was gonna get. Now you just shut up. OK? … How many times does this have to happen to you, Charlie Brown?? You’ll never kick the football!! NEVER!! … Hot 97, I reign supreme nationally in this radio thing! Let me know if you want a lesson.” (Soul Culture UK)
Tensions reportedly rose when rapper Nicki Minaj’s new “Beez In The Trap” was supposed to debut on Clue’s weeknight show.

Funkmaster Flex went on an epic rant earlier tonight (March 20th). It seems Hot 97’s longtime HDJIC was peeved that DJ Clue–who handles his business at rival Power 105.1–was popping ish the previous night over besting Flex in the ratings. Then there was more chatter, amongst the bomb drops, about who gets records first in NYC (Flex claims he bogarted dropping Nicki Minaj’s “Beez In The Trap” first) and all that.

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