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“A Madea Christmas”: “You’re Going To Be Laughing From Start To Finish”

Posted in 1 on December 24, 2011 by bobbybounce

[With Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas DVD here just in time for the holidays, actress Cassi Davis gives you her Top 5 reasons to get your hands on a last-minute stocking stuffer.]

1. The Laugh Factory

The number one reason would be because it is funny. Everybody needs to laugh. This is really not a great season time for a lot of people because of loved ones, traditions and things that are changing. Even if it is good, laughing is always good. The main reason is because you’re going to be laughing from start to finish.

2. The Message

The second reason is because a group of people got together and thought there would be a message that would motivate people in this film during the Christmas season. This movie’s message isn’t just geared toward the Christmas season but Tyler Perry made sure it provoked a lot of thought on everybody [experiences] different situations.

3. Whole Grain

The third reason is because this is a quality film. If you’re going to spend your money, you might as well spend it on something quality. I think the messages that are in here are really so potent to life right now in situations. It’s not just a culturally sort of thing. Anybody can get it.

4. The Man, The Myth, The Legend

It’s a Tyler Perry brand. He has something that really motivates people. It’s not really easy to continue to produce in this particular economy and for him being the businessman that I know him to be and for him to keep on sustaining himself it’s big. I have been with him since 2004 and I have not been in every production but he continues to generate the funds to do these particular reasons. Also, if you have a desire to produce or make films, this is a great piece for you to learn from. There’s a lot of great acting in there and a lot of different levels of acting. Across the board, this is a great educational tool.

5. All In The Gang

This movie also bridges the gap between ages. All family members can watch it from 5 to 99 and everybody can sit down and watch A Madea Christmas. That’s my last reason. #MerryXmas

New Video: 50 Cent and Paris β€œQueens, NY”

Posted in 1 on December 10, 2011 by bobbybounce

Curtis released his new mixtape yesterday and this morning he delivers the first visual featuring his latest signee, Paris. It’s a Queens thing, doofy!