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“[My Record] Is A Diss To The Cats In The Game That Can’t Spit”

Posted in 1 on September 1, 2011 by bobbybounce

Artist Wordsmith explained why “Show Me The Money” is the phrase that pays, SOHH True Grit contest winner #13 Ed E. Ruger tells listeners why “Dummy Disease” is bad for your health.]

“Dummy Disease” is what I started calling the epidemic running thru Hip-Hop the past few years. Its not a diss to the swag, emo or trap rappers. It is a diss to the cats in the game who can’t spit. I was just venting on what I’ve seen traveling and surfing the ‘Net. Its gotten kind of depressing to be honest. I’m a fan of all styles of hip-hop but when you cant rap or even rhyme, but still swear your the next big thing, you have come down with the dummy disease. If you are a DJ who doesnt own a turntable, mixer, or know how to blend song, you have the dummy disease. Clicking buttons doesnt qualify you as a DJ, having a YouTube page with freestyles doesn’t make you a rapper. Learn the history.

As far as the way we recorded the hook,my DJ Phillie Phresh and myself used original scratches from the song. My business partner, JJ The Jenius, made the beat. We needed something grimy with an old school feel, but still [relevant] with what’s out now. JJ is also the music director for The Boondocks Cartoon and has had tons of songs on TV and movies; he’s a beast. We also had a track on AMC’s Emmy-winning series Breaking Bad.

The thing people [like most about] this track is how I’m telling a story that every Hip Hop lover can relate to. I was just riding to the club, wanting to bang out to something on the radio, only to be interrupted by what seems to be an endless stockpile of trash. [Radio] commercials make it seem like the livest DJ in the world is rockin with us, only to [reveal] a DJ with no turntables. “Just a mic and a Mac draggin, clickin a mouse.”

“This sh*t aint even fun no more, it ain’t rappin/half of these tracks should come with closed caption/now days DJ’s scream instead of scratchin/I just give em dap and try to keep from laughin” – “Dummy Disease”

I’m usually heavy on punchlines in my songs, but this was a venting session, so I was pretty straight to the point. The above line was the very first bars of “Dummy Disease” and let you know right from the gate what thie song is about. I cant understand half the cats out now and need close captions on their vids to even comprehend what they are saying. And if you scream over tracks so much to where you can’t hear what the MC is saying, you suck as a DJ and are ruining the song. DJs have gotten just as bad as the rappers with the bullsh*t they try to pull.

Shout to all my real dj’s and true MC’s, I know y’all feel me on this.