Exclusive: Fred The Godson Bounces W/ Fat Joe & Rick Ross, “We’re The New Fat Boys 2011”

After Beanie Sigel revealed his intention to remake a Fat Boys album earlier this year, SOHH reached out to “Too Fat” hitmaker Fred the Godson to see who would be in his own big man crew.

Fred said Fat Joe and Rick Ross would be in his fantasy “Fat Boys” team.

“Me, Rick Ross and Fat Joe,” Fred told SOHH when asked what his 2011 version of the Fat Boys would look like. “The Fat Joe pick comes from me getting the privilege of meeting him a few months ago; he’s a good person. He also said he’s a fan of my work. I was just going back and forth with him and he’s a good dude. With me and him, it’s the BX [Bronx] at the end of the day. That boy has longevity. Say whatever you want about Fat Joe but when you talk about longevity, Fat Joe’s name has to come up because he’s been doing it for d*mn near 20 years.”
Fred specifically referenced Ross’ high-profile for motivating his choice.

“The reason I picked Rick Ross is because he’s from Miami and he’s burning up right now,” Fred explained justifying picking Ricky Rozay. “He’s hot and the boy gets busy. He’s been putting in work and he’s a hard worker so that’s the new Fat Boys 2011.”
Last January, Sigel revealed his intent to remake a Fat Boys album.

“I f*ck with the fat boy Rick Ross,” Sigel revealed in an interview. “Boss. Yo, me, Rick Ross and motherf*cking Fat Joe, we should go back and get that old classic Fat Boys album and get somebody to remake them beats over and we should do [it] over. But put a new twist on it. We would kill that sh*t. Just food for thought. We’d murder that sh*t.” (804 Ent)
Fat Boys rose to become hip-hop icons during the 1980’s.

Originally known as The Disco Three, these large boys were discovered at a 1983 talent show at Radio City Music Hall. First Prize at the contest included a recording contract. The Disco Three were protégés of Kurtis Blow, who produced some of their recordings, but it was their manager Charles Stettler who, after being presented with an inflated hotel food bill for the group suggested they change their name to the Fat Boys. The next single “Fat Boys” was highly successful and thus spawned the permanent name change that coincided with the release of “Fat Boys” on Sutra in 1984. (Old School Hip-Hop) Shouts out to http://www.sohh.com

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