Infamous Life”: “You’ll Learn About Personal Relationships, Me and Havoc”

With the new release of My Infamous Life, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy gives you the Top 5 reasons to dig deep into your pockets and buy his new book.

1. Family Ties

I would say the first reason you should buy the book is to learn about my history and background. My family history is kind of deep. They did a lot for the black community and for the community at large and in the music industry. There’s a lot of things that people don’t know about and I talk about all of that in the book.

2. Search For The Light

The second reason is that [I discuss] my personal history especially how I grew up and dealt with Sickle-Cell Anemia. You’ll see how I learned how to overcome the health issues and how I learned to defeat it through dieting and changing my lifestyle. I really tried to better myself as a person and you’ll see all the challenges I went through with all of that. Also in the book, I talk about my struggles with spirituality and God because of my health. As a real young child, I had problems in believing in God. I used to ask God for help a lot when I was going through a lot of pain as a kid. I wasn’t receiving that help. I had a hard time in believing in God and you see how I overcame it and realize everything is for a reason. My pain is for a reason. It gives me certain lessons in life.

3. Put Em In Their Place

Number three would have to be to learn about the Mobb Deep history. You’ll learn about Mobb Deep and how we came up and how we started. You’ll learn about all of the misconceptions and rumors and then I clear all of that stuff up. I’m just giving it to you real so you can see the behind the scenes of what really goes on in the music industry and what’s really going on with Mobb Deep behind the scenes.

4. Hey Luv

Number four would be family as far as [the relationship with me, my kids & my wife]. You’ll learn about how we really stuck together throughout all of the years and made it work. Dealing with our community with black people and minorities as they like to call us, it’s a struggle to keep families together. Mostly it’s the fathers that are missing and it’s the mothers that raise our kids by themselves. So I really stress that in the book and staying together. I try to tell people to work it out as a family and really hold on to the family structure.

5. Survival of the Fittest

The last reason is to learn about personal relationships, as far as me and Havoc. You’ll see how we have been able to make that relationship last, how our bond is. [You’ll see] how we go through our little bullsh*t at times but at the end of the day, we still move forward, put stuff behind us and try to forgive each other for whatever wrongs we might do. We look at the big picture and we keep that bond to really make it last. That’s why Mobb Deep was able to last so long. So I deal with all of that.

Book is in stores now!!!

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