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Ice Cube Flips The Switch, “I Think They Turned Their Back On Hip-Hop”

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West Coast rapper Ice Cube has shed light on the hip-hop scene around his region and why Los Angeles radio stations are not showing enough love for the rap game.

Cube believes hip-hop is not getting as much burn as it should on Los Angeles air waves.

“I’m not really happy with radio out in L.A.,” Cube said in an interview. “I think they turned their back on the hip-hop scene out there. Not stations like KDAY, they still play the hits. But some stations that got a little more wattage, they’re not bumping the hip-hop like they’re supposed to…I think if you really focus too much on radio, you’ll be lost as an artist anyway…I think radio is very deceptive. It’s kind of fool’s gold ’cause you always chasing your last radio hit instead of just going and doing hip-hop like you supposed to, you worrying about spins, stuff like that. To me, radio has messed up a lot of artists.” (MTV)
Cube also spoke on Los Angeles as a breeding ground for multi-faceted rappers.

“I think people just got caught in a trick bag. L.A. has always been full of all kind of different talent, different styles,” Cube said. “It ain’t just a whole city of gang-banging. The Black Eyed Peas [are] a great example of how creative that region is, so I’m happy that it ain’t all just one flavor now. That a lot of different flavors are getting out there. Leave the gangsta sh– to me and everybody else can do whatever they do.” (MTV)
Last year, West Coast rapper Game aired out his local radio station for their excess spins of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” hit.

“How come Power 106 plays ‘Empire State Of Mind’ more than New York?,” Game asked via Twitter. “If I hear it 1 more time b4 I get home, I’m startin a full fledge protest (picket signs) & Im gettin dem women dat R against abortion 2 help They go HARD !!! & when I was in NEW YORK, aint hear “Empire State Of Mind” once… they only played ATL sh!t……… #whatsgoinon ?” (Game’s Twitter)
Recently West Coast rapper 40 Glocc hit up SOHH to speak on his admiration for Bronx, New York emcee Fred the Godson.

“I’m digging Fred the Godson,” 40 told SOHH. “I’ve been following Fred’s music for almost a year now. That dude goes hard, man! I think he definitely deserves more attention and so forth. I don’t think he’s getting the props that he’s really supposed to be getting right now. I think he should be getting more attention. He’s got content. You know what I mean? He’s hard, straight up.” Salute

Wu-Tang & Yelawolf Announce UK Tour

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Wu will make their way across the pond for a five stop tour—the first in four years. All members will take to the stage including Young Dirty Bastard with Semtex serving as a tour DJ. Yelawolf will appear during the last four shows.