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2 suspects in custody after Holland Tunnel shooting, traffic jams

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JERSEY CITY β€” Two suspects were in custody tonight after gunfire erupted in the Holland Tunnel, snarling traffic throughout the region for hours, affecting thousands of travelers.

The rush-hour incident forced the closure of the tunnel for several hours, causing a traffic backup that led to lane closings and detours on major highways in the Hudson County area.

One suspect was shot, while two Port Authority police officers were not injured but were taken to a hospital for observation, officials said at a press conference. The suspects were not identified and charges are expected to be filed.

The incident unfolded at 6:10 p.m. after two Port Authority police officers stopped a Jeep vehicle just inside the tunnel toll plaza in Jersey City, said Michael Fedorko, superintendent of the Port Authority Police Department. Fedorko spoke at a press conference just blocks from the incident along with Bill Baroni, the deputy executive director of the Port Authority.

Four shots were fired by the officers, officials said, but they officials could not say why the Jeep had been stopped or why the shooting started. “That’s sketchy at this point,” Fedorko said.

There was no indication that either of the passengers in the Jeep had weapons, Fedorko said.

Neither rider in the Jeep was hit in this burst of gunfire and they then drove into the tunnel, officials said.

The officers pursued through heavy rush-hour traffic and into the tunnel, where they managed to stop the vehicle, Fedorko said.

Jessica Calefati/The Star-LedgerCars heading into New York at the Holland Tunnel were at a standstill in Jersey City Friday night after police closed the eastbound side of the tunnel.
At some point another shot was fired by an officer, hitting one suspect in the arm, Fedorko said, not saying why this shot was fired.

The wounded suspect then got out of the Jeep and jumped into the backseat of a nearby vehicle, where he was apprehended, Fedorko said.

It was not clear if the shooting took place on the New Jersey or New York side of the tunnel. Neither officer was injured, officials said.

The eastbound lanes of the tunnel into Lower Manhattan were immediately shut down, quickly bringing traffic throughout the region to a standstill and leading to miles-long backups and delays on highways such as the New Jersey Turnpike, Routes 1 & 9 and the Pulaski Skyway.

Eventually, westbound lanes heading out of the city toward New Jersey backed up, according to the state Department of Transportation website.

Stuck in traffic were Marilyn and Ed Reyes, both 30, of Belleville, who had set out at 6 p.m. to meet friends in Manhattan and only found out about the tunnel closing on the radio.

Asked whether their plans for the evening had been ruined, Ed Reyes said: “Completely.”

Jose Rendon, an employee at Newark Penn Station, said he found early success trying to navigate toward his home in the Bronx, opting for the Routes 1 & 9 truck route, rather than the Turnpike Extension, but ultimately was trapped in traffic on local streets.

The 1.6-mile-long tunnel, which opened in 1927, handles an average of 48,000 vehicles a day.


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Mobb Deep
with Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Black Thought & The Money Making Jam Boys, and DJ Stretch Armstrong

Date: Thu, May 12, 2011
Showtime: 8:00 PM
Doors open: 7:00 PM
Days until show: 13
Ages: 16 & Over
On sale now
Ticket Prices*: $35.00-$40.00
Event Details: A limited amount of $100 VIP Tix are available
These include Early Entry
Pre-Show Meet & Greet / Autograph Signing with Prodigy
1 Copy of Prodigy’s new book, My Infamous Life

Prodigy Keeps Saigon Beef Cooked, “He Has No Power In The Streets”

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While Prodigy may be looking to patch up relationships since being released from jail last month, the Mobb Deep frontman is not yet ready to settle his issues with rap rival Saigon.

When asked about possibly linking up with Sai, P turned down the idea.

“To tell you the truth, we ain’t even worried about that,” P said in an interview. “He’s a flea. You know what I’m saying? On some real sh*t. Like, he’s a nobody. Like, we ain’t worried about him. He’s not even the type of rapper that I would want to do a song with. You know what I’m saying? Like, that’s how corny he is to me. I ain’t really worried about him. He has no power or strength in the streets. He’s not on our level at all.”
Despite P’s words, Sai previously spoke highly on the Mobb Deep rapper being released from jail last January.

“I’m happy man,” Sai said when asked for his reaction to P’s release in March. “I don’t wish jail on my worst enemy. So ‘Free Prodigy’. I’m happy he coming home man. Hopefully you get it back, get your career back to where you need to be. Take care of your seeds…I don’t know where he stands. Some dudes got chips on their shoulders. What we had was a little quarrel. It happens, it happens. If he harboring animosity, so be it man. As long as he plays his position, I’m gonna play mine’s. It’s that simple. I got love for any black man trying to do their thing. I never did, like, [have] a personal dislike for Prodigy. I never did. I grew up listening to them all day. I used to love Mobb Deep music. I was influenced by Mobb Deep music at one point. When I was a shorty, I used to go crazy — I f*cked up a lot of people off their music. It was a good thing — this dude had influenced my life at one point. I don’t harbor animosity. What we got in to, it happens sometimes. Dudes fight and it is what it is. I wish that man the best. He got outta there in one piece. I wish him nothing but success.”
Issues between the two surfaced around March 2007 over an interview.

To give some insight on the beef for those who may not be aware of it’s existance, it began a while back on an online interview with Prodigy when he was asked if he liked Saigon, where P replied, “I don’t like him….I only like Mobb Deep s**t. Everybody else could suck my d**k.” Not surprisingly, Saigon didn’t take those words too kind as Saigon later on responded saying that he’s had an altercation with Mobb Deep before and then threatened to beat Prodigy like a pinata if he was to ever catch him without an entourage just because of Prodigy saying suck my d**k alone.
Earlier this month, P revealed his intent on patching past issues up with Nas.

“We had a real long, interesting conversation about the future and how we want to move forward with our music, just everything like that,” P said about Nas. “But mostly about how we need to put our little bullsh*t aside, and how our music is more important than any of that bullsh*t that we were going through. Right away, we sent him the song ‘Dog Sh*t’ that we had did, and he got on it, and it’s coming out crazy. We did a couple of other songs with him that we haven’t put out yet.”

SMKA: The 808 Experiment Vol. 3

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Are you still not on the SMKA bandwagon yet? Well the production team is back with another edition of their critically acclaimed compilatoin series to hopefully change that in The 808 Experiment Vol. 3. This time around SMKA has brought together some of the rising stars in hip hop today including Skewby, Rittz, Aleon Craft, Thee Tom Hardy, Laws, Grip Plyaz, Donny Goines, Bobby Creekwater, Mikkey Halsted, RE & many more.

Exclusive: Fred The Godson Bounces W/ Fat Joe & Rick Ross, “We’re The New Fat Boys 2011”

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After Beanie Sigel revealed his intention to remake a Fat Boys album earlier this year, SOHH reached out to “Too Fat” hitmaker Fred the Godson to see who would be in his own big man crew.

Fred said Fat Joe and Rick Ross would be in his fantasy “Fat Boys” team.

“Me, Rick Ross and Fat Joe,” Fred told SOHH when asked what his 2011 version of the Fat Boys would look like. “The Fat Joe pick comes from me getting the privilege of meeting him a few months ago; he’s a good person. He also said he’s a fan of my work. I was just going back and forth with him and he’s a good dude. With me and him, it’s the BX [Bronx] at the end of the day. That boy has longevity. Say whatever you want about Fat Joe but when you talk about longevity, Fat Joe’s name has to come up because he’s been doing it for d*mn near 20 years.”
Fred specifically referenced Ross’ high-profile for motivating his choice.

“The reason I picked Rick Ross is because he’s from Miami and he’s burning up right now,” Fred explained justifying picking Ricky Rozay. “He’s hot and the boy gets busy. He’s been putting in work and he’s a hard worker so that’s the new Fat Boys 2011.”
Last January, Sigel revealed his intent to remake a Fat Boys album.

“I f*ck with the fat boy Rick Ross,” Sigel revealed in an interview. “Boss. Yo, me, Rick Ross and motherf*cking Fat Joe, we should go back and get that old classic Fat Boys album and get somebody to remake them beats over and we should do [it] over. But put a new twist on it. We would kill that sh*t. Just food for thought. We’d murder that sh*t.” (804 Ent)
Fat Boys rose to become hip-hop icons during the 1980’s.

Originally known as The Disco Three, these large boys were discovered at a 1983 talent show at Radio City Music Hall. First Prize at the contest included a recording contract. The Disco Three were protΓ©gΓ©s of Kurtis Blow, who produced some of their recordings, but it was their manager Charles Stettler who, after being presented with an inflated hotel food bill for the group suggested they change their name to the Fat Boys. The next single “Fat Boys” was highly successful and thus spawned the permanent name change that coincided with the release of “Fat Boys” on Sutra in 1984. (Old School Hip-Hop) Shouts out to

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 Prep For Summer Slaughter

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Shady Records CEO Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 have teamed up to put out a new EP joint project set to drop on the verge of summer.

Details of the new project hit the Internet Monday (April 25).

It’s been over a decade since Eminem and Royce da 5’9″ have recorded together as “Bad Meets Evil.” But now they’re reviving their “Bad Meets Evil” project for a brand new EP out this summer. D12 member Mr. Porter, who’s produced tracks for Eminem and Royce previously, will produce, while Mobb Deep’s Havoc, DJ Khalil and Bangladesh, among others, will also contribute to the EP. The currently untitled EP hits stores on June 14th. (All Headline News)
Eminem confirmed the news and credited their recent time together in the studio for fueling the project.

“Royce and I started hanging out again, and inevitably that led us back into the studio,” Eminem said in a statement. “At first, we were just seeing where it went without any real goal in mind, but the songs started to come together crazy, so here we are.” (Statement)
Co-signing the project, Royce also weighed in on how their studio time spun into an EP.

“I’m excited to see this project come to fruition considering the long lapse in time between when we worked before and now,” said Royce da 5’9″. “We had a blast doing it and we just hope everyone enjoys it while we’re working on the ‘Monster’ that will be the Slaughterhouse album. #TeamShady” (Statement)
Royce and Em’s music relationship dates back over a decade.

The pair first worked together in the late 1990s, calling themselves Bad Meets Evil, with Royce da 5’9″ as the “bad” and Eminem as the “evil” half of the duo. One of the songs they recorded in those days, called “Bad Meets Evil,” appeared on Eminem’s major label debut, “The Slim Shady LP.” (Chicago Tribune)
The new EP is slated to drop Tuesday, June 14th.

Infamous Life”: “You’ll Learn About Personal Relationships, Me and Havoc”

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With the new release of My Infamous Life, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy gives you the Top 5 reasons to dig deep into your pockets and buy his new book.

1. Family Ties

I would say the first reason you should buy the book is to learn about my history and background. My family history is kind of deep. They did a lot for the black community and for the community at large and in the music industry. There’s a lot of things that people don’t know about and I talk about all of that in the book.

2. Search For The Light

The second reason is that [I discuss] my personal history especially how I grew up and dealt with Sickle-Cell Anemia. You’ll see how I learned how to overcome the health issues and how I learned to defeat it through dieting and changing my lifestyle. I really tried to better myself as a person and you’ll see all the challenges I went through with all of that. Also in the book, I talk about my struggles with spirituality and God because of my health. As a real young child, I had problems in believing in God. I used to ask God for help a lot when I was going through a lot of pain as a kid. I wasn’t receiving that help. I had a hard time in believing in God and you see how I overcame it and realize everything is for a reason. My pain is for a reason. It gives me certain lessons in life.

3. Put Em In Their Place

Number three would have to be to learn about the Mobb Deep history. You’ll learn about Mobb Deep and how we came up and how we started. You’ll learn about all of the misconceptions and rumors and then I clear all of that stuff up. I’m just giving it to you real so you can see the behind the scenes of what really goes on in the music industry and what’s really going on with Mobb Deep behind the scenes.

4. Hey Luv

Number four would be family as far as [the relationship with me, my kids & my wife]. You’ll learn about how we really stuck together throughout all of the years and made it work. Dealing with our community with black people and minorities as they like to call us, it’s a struggle to keep families together. Mostly it’s the fathers that are missing and it’s the mothers that raise our kids by themselves. So I really stress that in the book and staying together. I try to tell people to work it out as a family and really hold on to the family structure.

5. Survival of the Fittest

The last reason is to learn about personal relationships, as far as me and Havoc. You’ll see how we have been able to make that relationship last, how our bond is. [You’ll see] how we go through our little bullsh*t at times but at the end of the day, we still move forward, put stuff behind us and try to forgive each other for whatever wrongs we might do. We look at the big picture and we keep that bond to really make it last. That’s why Mobb Deep was able to last so long. So I deal with all of that.

Book is in stores now!!!