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Melyssa Ford Covers KING Magazine’s Winter 2010 Issue

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M.Ford covers the Winter ’10 issue of KING.

KING: While reaching you, via Blackberry Messenger, to schedule this interview your status read “Busy Watching Porn.” Um, please explain. Do you really indulge in porn?

MELYSSA: [Laughs] I definitely do. I don’t really have a particular genre of porn and I’m not really a fetishist. Sometimes I want to see if there are some tricks to expand my sexual repertoire. It’s not like I started watching it yesterday. Boyfriends are like, “let’s watch some porn!” Rather than being disgusted by it, I’d say, “sure, let’s watch it.”


Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Banned Album Cover)

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WTF? Kanye West vs. Nirvana Cover Art.


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Friday, October 15 · 7:00pm – 11:30pm


Location The Westcott Theater
524 Westcott st.
Syracuse, NY




More Info FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15th 2010
please welcome from Wu Tang Clan

with special guests
Sheek * Frank Dukes * DJ Afar (Rhyme Therapy) * Lifelong * Myles P

@ The Westcott Theater.
524 Westcott St. Syracuse, NY
Doors open at 7pm. All Ages. Tickets are $22 in advance and
available NOW at

Secure your spot! Get your tickets early!

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy…My DVD – Vlad Yudin, “Big Pun: The Legacy Special Edition”

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With this week’s special re-release of Big Pun: The Legacy which looks at the life of former Terror Squad heavyweight Big Pun, director Vlad Yudin pitches you the top five reasons to support the project.

1. The Legacy Continues

Big Pun was a legendary artist who left too soon, but left behind a resounding legacy and unmatched lyrics. This collector’s edition tells a story of Pun’s life, music career and highlights his accomplishments in such a short time he spent in the industry. It has fun moments, sad ones and of course very uplifting as well. Without a question, Big Pun was a very talented artist who earned his respect in hip-hop and left a lasting impact as one of the best lyricists in our generation.

2. Endangered Species

The special collector’s edition will serve as a commemorative piece of history and it is the last chance for fans and all audiences to see and own a feature length film about Big Pun. As the 90’s hip-hop music begins to slowly fade away, this special packaged documentary will help fans remember Big Pun and his legacy. It is not everyday you can get a chance to watch a documentary on an artist who was as charismatic and entertaining as Big Pun was. There will be many music documentaries but only a few artists deserve a special collector’s piece. This very well may be the last time we see a special release on Big Pun any time soon.

3 . Super Lyrical Cameos

Besides Big Pun, of course the film features great [guest appearances]. People who truly love Big Pun and his art, such as Xzibit, Chuck D, Cypress Hill, Jim Jones, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Raekwon, Swizz Beatz and many more. It also features cameos by artists that people never expected to see, such as Redman, Mic Geronimo, DMX, Royal Flush, Drag On, Rosie Perez etc… All have contributed a lot to this project by telling compelling and personal stories about Pun. The special edition features a “Lost Files” segment in special features section, which contains scenes that did not make the film. There was so much footage shot for this film, that we could not simply fit it all in. Now you can see it all when you buy this special edition DVD.

4. 100% (Real)

Many different documentaries and music film are being released each year. Some are great, but the majority lack in content and quality. Most of those who saw Big Pun: The Legacy gave great reviews and truly appreciated it. We have spoken to numerous viewers, some of who were the biggest Pun fans and some who never even heard of him. Moreover, they all appreciated it and learned from it. It feels great to see people appreciate this Big Pun project that was in the making for some time. The new edition will also feature the “Making of the Film” feature and shows the insight of the production.

5. New Beginnings

Big Pun: The Legacy Special Collector’s Edition was just released by EMI/Capitol. The previous version was released by a distributor who collapsed and that hurt the release. EMI is a legendary company with rich history, a significant outreach and great appreciation for the hip-hop genre. Along with producer Ed Mejia, we will be working on various projects together, including the most recent and highly anticipated Twista documentary, which will be released later this year in December 2010. It is great that this Collector’s Edition is being released by EMI – and those are the 5 Reasons why you should buy my DVD.

You Decide. Will you buy Big Pun: The Legacy?