Shouts out Tiffany!

So are you from Rochester or Syracuse?
You know what baby? Actually I’m from upstate New York, New Hartford New York. So that’s even farther up there. It’s past Buffalo, it’s cold, it’s just a weary little city.

And now you’re putting Upstate New York on the map.
You know what baby? Yes. I’m definitely putting Upstate New York on the map and I’m happy to do it.

You’ve been described as the “Grand Diva of Arbitrary Emotions.”
What? Are you serious?

Well that’s what it says on VH1.
Well you know what baby, I really don’t go on the ‘net that much because I don’t have that much time to do stuff like that. But if that is out there for me, you know I’ll take it. I’ll be that. I’m that then. Okay.

It’s all about the internet.
It truly is. I should be ashamed of myself but I’m not. I don’t really get online as much as I should but that’s a great title to hold.

What do you in your pastime?
In my spare time, I’m basically giving a lot of attention to my nails and my skin. I’m a real huge skin person. I’m constantly washing my face making sure it’s clear and clean and making sure my nails are clean. I’m just a big skin and nails person. I hope that doesn’t sound too weird but that’s what I do in my spare time — making sure that everything is on the up and up.

You save that for ‘Essence’ magazine.

What? (laughing loudly)

What was your life like before all of this television stuff? Were you an aspiring actress or something like that?
Seriously, yes I was. I was an aspiring actress. And I still am. Basically nothing has changed since the show except the recognition. Now when I walk down the street I’m easily recognized. I mean that’s the only thing that has changed in my life.

Who is Tiffany Pollard and who is Tiffany Patterson. You’re referred to one or the other and I’m confused? What’s the difference between the two of them?
Well you know I am here to set the record. Tiffany Pollard P-O-L-L-A-R-D, that’s me. That’s my last name and that’s who I am. Tiffany Patterson is basically, uh (pause) well I could tell you how that went about; My mom and my dad aren’t married. My mom’s last name is Patterson but I’m carrying my father’s last name. That’s the name I grew up so that’s my real name, Tiffany Pollard.

Well what exactly are you looking for outside of just “a man”? What qualities were you seeking when you were filming this?
That’s a great question. When we were filming the producers they wanted to know what was my type, in terms of looks. For me, I don’t really have a type when it comes down to looks.

Well after you pined for Flavor Flav, you obviously don’t.
(scream) You know what, I ain’t even going there with you. I’m going to leave that alone.

I love Flav and I think he’s hilarious. But come on.
He’s styling, he’s cute and everybody (pause) is beautiful in their own way. But [for] me, my type is someone that meshes well with my inner being — someone who can deal with the fact that sometimes I have my days when I’m problematic and sometimes I’m going to have my days when I’m going to be on his side. Someone that can definitely take me on as a whole. That’s what I was looking for.

So it’s not a physical thing?
Oh, absolutely not. Looks never mattered to me.

Oh okay because you have a motley mix of guys on this show — from the rooter to the tooter.
You know I had to do it like that.

So how long did the show take to produce?
It took about a good three and a half [weeks], I’ll say.

So it’s going to be packaged. And how many episodes are we getting?
You guys are going to get ten luscious episodes.

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