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DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Pete Rock & More Unite For Fat Beats Farewell

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Hip-hop producers DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Pete Rock and more will unite this weekend to say good-bye to legendary hip-hop retailer Fat Beats as it prepares to shut down for good.

Details on the week-long swan song hit the Internet Monday (August 30).

To celebrate the company, artists like DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Rob Swift, Ras Cass, Immortal Technique, Da Beatminerz, Artifacts, Bobbito, Masta Ace, J-Live, Pacewon and others will perform in-store at the New York location. The events, which are free, begin today (August 30th) with Artifacts, Da Beatminerz and Immortal Technique and end on the store’s final day on Saturday (September 4th), with Just Blaze, A-Trak, Pete Rock and DJ Premier. Organizers are in the process of launching a similar farewell event later this month, leading up to the stores final day on September 18th. All performances take place from 4-9PM and are free to the public. (All Hip Hop)
Each day will feature new hip-hop artists performing at the lower Manhattan location.

Backpackers and underground heads get ready for some ridiculously nice-looking sets. The NYC store’s schedule: Monday, Aug. 30: Artifacts, Da Beatminerz, Immortal Technique, and more Tuesday, Aug. 31: Ras Kass, Sav KIllz, DJ Ready Cee, panel discussion, and more Wednesday, Sept. 1: Bobbito, Mayhem, Riz, Juggaknots, Sputnik Brown, and more Thursday, Sept. 2: Rob Swift, Torae, DJ Concept, DJ Amir, and more Friday, Sept. 3: Masta Ace, J-Live, Pacewon, Tanya Morgan, and more Saturday, Sept. 4: Just Blaze, A-Trak, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and more. (Prefix Mag)
An announcement regarding the company’s closing was made earlier this month.

After 16 years, Fat Beats has announced the closing of the legendary label’s two remaining retail locations in New York and Los Angeles. Fat Beats will celebrate the legacies of the stores, which are scheduled to close in early September (New York: September 4th, Los Angeles: September 18th) by throwing a series of blow-out sales and tribute parties open to the public during their last weeks. Fans can check for updates. (Brooklyn Vegan)
Following the news, artists like DJ Premier voiced their reactions.

“The closing of Fat Beats is just like one of my friends passing away,” DJ Premier said in a prepared statement. “They promoted vinyl at its highest degree for the culture of good music, and that makes it more difficult to say goodbye.” (Los Angeles Times)

FATBEATS stores in LA & NY closing….

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NEW YORK: 9/4/10
LOS ANGELES: 9/18/10
Well its official…Fatbeats is closing it’s two stores in Los Angeles & New York City. With the way things have been, it was only a matter of time. I have supported Fatbeats in both LA & NY and they have supported me since the day they opened in its original location in NY. It really does suck, but it was only inevitable. The ridiculous rents businesses have to pay in our city are SOO high. If you look around the store, the other businesses close-by there is a McDonald’s, a Barnes N Nobles, A Sprint Store, etc… In LA its all girls shops that constantly make money. It is very hard to do rents that are high four and five figure amounts per month. There are several reasons for the inevitable closing but we all know what the real reasons are. This is a direct cause of the serato/mp3 era and the overall lack of quality independent hiphop labels (because of the mp3 killing their business too). So here we are, when long-standing hiphop establishments like FatBeats have to close and EL-P had to take time to close/restructure DEF JUX, etc… It’s not a good thing at all for anyone, but what can be done? I myself have used records much less since serato and find myself buying much, much less vinyl. If i do buy vinyl it’s probably not hiphop anyways. So this put Fatbeats in a tough spot. Even CD’s have dropped probably 70 to 90% since the 90’s. I hate that everything is available for free online, but this is how it is.

There is no more saving to buy records, buying doubles, stocking up on tons of “battle breaks”, looking for a record you can’t find any where. There is google. It kills my sales to the point where i don’t even care about sales, it doesn’t matter. And even the biggest artists and groups are getting crushed in sales. When you see someone like Eminem do millions in sales, it is great, but it would have been 5 to 10 times that. Everyone is getting crushed, but at least when you get promoted to millions you get 10% to buy in and you are afloat. What we do is different, its a constant grind and battle against society in general. lol. For real. So i’m soo happy that FATBEATS was able to maintain THAT LONG in this disgusting city of high rents, potholes, and hipsters in bike-lanes. And just like our boroughs has succumb to these “new” changes many of us hate, so has Fatbeats succumb to the mp3 hustle and djays with midi controllers hooked to their mixers.

We used to go to Fatbeats ALL THE TIME… Percee P is like family (although he owes me a verse, in which he will probably say the same verse he does all the time anyways…) anyway, lol… Fatbeats was responsible for SOO many great moments and in-store appearances and performances. I remember being at the COMMON instore for One Day Itll Make Sense… what a great day and that was one of hundreds. I remember Joe djaying with the DMC mixer on the counter in the original store when you had sneakers and the horrible steps. Fatbeats had a fetish for bad stairwells in both locations in NY and LA. LOL. The Xmas parties were always a treat every year. The Fatbeats 10 year and 15 year anniversaries… They have sponsored and been behind everything worthwhile in indie hiphop. Whenever there was nothing to do we would be like “let’s take a ride to Fatbeats….”

The people who worked there for all these years should be applauded for helping our type of hiphop survive. Fatbeats was the hub for everything indie hiphop. Now there is NOTHING close. That’s why Fatbeats and Dj Eclipse who ran the NY store were soo important. First, look who’s running the store. DUH…sickest hiphop veteran. The store is official and people would be pointed in the right direction… Now where the hell do you go to buy that? Google…. ????

Hopefully this is temporary and Fatbeats find a new location somewhere downtown and maybe people will go support that when its there… I know the economy is “bad”, and everyone likes things for free, but hiphop isnt free all the time.. you need to support or you see what happens. Myself included. This is disgusting…. Why dont Jay Z just buy the building for us and let us have our one place. lol. I saw in the newspaper he made 63mil so far this year. What can you do, it’s like this with everything… I go to lots of events/shows, etc.. You know who ALWAYS has to get in for free, who supports, and won’t go unless it’s free or they r getting something. Its soo sad, and everyone smiles…chillin’… secretly listening to Kayne in their walkman… “i support hiphop….” yeahhh okaaaaaayyyyyyy…. It’s funny how everyone thought the internet was going to help independent hiphop and now look. Not only is it destroying ALL the smaller labels, it’s closing ALL music stores’ doors everywhere. If Virgin Mega cant survive, Fatbeats wasnt going to either. And so now you have Itunes that promotes the same ten people on radio, and youtube, which promotes major movies n tv shows, and you’re fucked. Its left to novice bloggers who anonymously diss everything but no one is selling or buying anything. And the amount of material out is sooo overwhelming… it’s not good people… there is a guy named LIL RUFUS… seriously… LIL RUFUS has a song/album… lol. I get 200 emails a day with horrible down-south songs and dance remixes with someone screaming exercise commands. Its all over… Dj Nick Cannon in effect….

I know i wrote a novel on this, and i could write tons more, but i just wanted to really say THANK YOU to FATBEATS and their staff for doing what they do for soo long… When you see Eclipse say thanks then slap yourself.

FATBEATS forever… PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED…FATBEATS IS STILL HERE AS A LABEL/DIST and you can go to the site and actually buy something…







Breaking news on the Fat Beats store:

Fat Beats Owner: New Store In The Works
August 21, 2010 – Retail

By Ed Christman

While Fat Beats will close its two remaining stores next month – the New York location on Sept. 4 and the Los Angeles one Sept. 18 – Fat Beats owner Joe Abajian says he has plans to open a bigger and better store.

“We want to build a store that’s like a theme park for the hip-hop culture, which will have activities and show its history,” says Abajian. “The store I had catered to DJs, the new store will cater to every aspect of the hip-hop lifestyle.”

He says the store is stilling in the planning stage. In the meantime, the company is focusing on the parts of its business that are doing well – its label, indie distribution company and website, he says.

Fat Beats Artists Preforming Shedule For The Last Week Opening (8/30-9/4); DJ Premier on Saturday……………

Monday (08/30)
The Away Team
Statik Selektah
Da Beatminerz

Tuesday (08/31)
Immortal Technique
Sav Killz
Ras Kass
DJ Ready Cee
DJ Static

Wednesday (09/01)
Mr. Mayhem
DJ Riz
Daniel Joseph
Fresh Daily
John Roninson
Sputnik Brown
DJ Spinna
Tony Touch
Thursday (09/02)
Cold Heat
Rob Swift
Breez Evahflowin
General Steele
Ruste Juxx
DJ Amir
DJ Soul

Friday (09/03)
Kooley High
Tanya Morgan
Roli Rho
Neil Armstrong
Masta Ace
Mr. Green

Saturday (09/04)
Max Glazer
Cipha Sounds
Just Blaze
Pete Rock
DJ Premier
Jab (owner)
Sadat X


President Obama Supports ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

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President Barack Obama gave a thumbs up today to a proposed Islamic community center and mosque that is slated to be built two blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks in lower Manhattan.

“Let me be clear,” Obama said at a White House dinner celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, “as a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.

“That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances,” Obama said, according to CNN.

Obama’s remarks drew a prompt response from Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. “President Obama is wrong,” said King, The Associated Press reported. “It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of ground zero. While the Muslim community has the right to build the mosque, they are abusing that right by needlessly offending so many people who have suffered so much.”

The proposed construction of the Cordoba House Islamic Center has divided U.S. politicians and the public. Obama’s remarks follow a line of argument put forth by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who made an impassioned defense of the construction of the Islamic center in a speech delivered on Governor’s Island.

Politicians such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich have opposed the mosque, citing their view that the former site of the World Trade center is “hallowed ground” and that building Cordoba House in such close proximity is an affront to the memory of those who died in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

“This is America,” Obama declared today, “and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome in this country, and will not be treated differently by their government, is essential to who we are. The writ of our founders must endure.”

New York’s Landmarks Preservation Commission has cleared the way for construction of the Islamic center, which will occupy the site that once housed a Burlington Coat Factory outlet store, but the state’s governor, David Paterson, has suggested that other land might be made available to the developers of the project.

HARLEM DAY 8.15.2010

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August 15th, 2010 for the 36th Annual Harlem Day Festival. Bring the whole family, for good fun, good food and good music brought to you by HOT 97’s own Mister Cee. Dancehall artist Ricky Blaze will be performing and models will be strutting down the catwalk in the newest fashions from Ashley Stewart.

Harlem Day 2010
Sunday 8/15, Noon-7pm 135th Street between 5th avenue and St Nicholas Ave
More information: Visit Shouts out to:

Nicki Minaj Is The “Scariest Artist Right Now” Says Kanye West

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Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has officially caught the attention of Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West who applauded her emcee skills in an interview today.

Speaking with radio host Angie Martinez, Yeezy awarded Minaj multiple accolades.

Kanye said Young Money star Nicki Minaj could be one of the greatest hip-hop stars ever. “This is gonna be such a big statement, and such a big thing to fill: The scariest artist right now is definitely Nicki Minaj. I think she has the most potential to be the number-two rapper of all time. Nobody’s gonna be bigger than Eminem.” When asked what being the “number-two rapper of all-time” meant, he said, “Everything! Having a whole network one day. Everything that comes with it.” He also confirmed that Nicki is on his album, as is G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi. (MTV)
Last June, 50 Cent shared his admiration for Minaj and compared her to Lil Kim.

“It’s obvious that she was inspired by some of Kim’s [rhymes], but that’s not bad. And it’s not a whole lot of female artists that you can make reference to so you’ll see those little influences even stronger and I think she’s hot, she’s got a good little thing going on right now as far as Nicki Minaj is concerned.” (Power 98)
G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks recently compared the similarities between Minaj and Kim.

“[Laughs] Sheesh. I would go with Nicki right now,” he said in an interview. “Yeah, I like her as an artist. We came up in the same era, we were around the same age so I’m pretty sure one of her influences was probably Lil Kim and nothing is really reminding of the impact Kim had, since Nicki came. To have a concert and have a hundred Nickies in the front row… not too many new artists come and have a following like that. So you definitely have to acknowledge that.” (VIBE)
Earlier this year, Minaj talked about her “Barbie” movement and bipolar personality.

“Anybody that knows me knows that I have a very, very bipolar personality, so one minute I’m excited and the next minute I’m crying and the next minute I’m cussing and yelling and the next minute I’m singing Enya,” Nicki told FADER writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. “I’m not kidding. And the point is, my rap style now reflects my true personality. Because I am so weird…I wish I could fricking remember the first boob that I signed. I don’t know why I did it, but now I can’t go anywhere and not do it. People come up to me wherever I am, girls, sexy girls, like, ‘Can you sign my boob?’ I mean, n*ggas in the club look at me like I’m a pimp. They like, Whaaat? Cause they be fly chicks. I don’t know, but I do know it’s a great thing.”

Shouts out Tiffany!

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So are you from Rochester or Syracuse?
You know what baby? Actually I’m from upstate New York, New Hartford New York. So that’s even farther up there. It’s past Buffalo, it’s cold, it’s just a weary little city.

And now you’re putting Upstate New York on the map.
You know what baby? Yes. I’m definitely putting Upstate New York on the map and I’m happy to do it.

You’ve been described as the “Grand Diva of Arbitrary Emotions.”
What? Are you serious?

Well that’s what it says on VH1.
Well you know what baby, I really don’t go on the ‘net that much because I don’t have that much time to do stuff like that. But if that is out there for me, you know I’ll take it. I’ll be that. I’m that then. Okay.

It’s all about the internet.
It truly is. I should be ashamed of myself but I’m not. I don’t really get online as much as I should but that’s a great title to hold.

What do you in your pastime?
In my spare time, I’m basically giving a lot of attention to my nails and my skin. I’m a real huge skin person. I’m constantly washing my face making sure it’s clear and clean and making sure my nails are clean. I’m just a big skin and nails person. I hope that doesn’t sound too weird but that’s what I do in my spare time — making sure that everything is on the up and up.

You save that for ‘Essence’ magazine.

What? (laughing loudly)

What was your life like before all of this television stuff? Were you an aspiring actress or something like that?
Seriously, yes I was. I was an aspiring actress. And I still am. Basically nothing has changed since the show except the recognition. Now when I walk down the street I’m easily recognized. I mean that’s the only thing that has changed in my life.

Who is Tiffany Pollard and who is Tiffany Patterson. You’re referred to one or the other and I’m confused? What’s the difference between the two of them?
Well you know I am here to set the record. Tiffany Pollard P-O-L-L-A-R-D, that’s me. That’s my last name and that’s who I am. Tiffany Patterson is basically, uh (pause) well I could tell you how that went about; My mom and my dad aren’t married. My mom’s last name is Patterson but I’m carrying my father’s last name. That’s the name I grew up so that’s my real name, Tiffany Pollard.

Well what exactly are you looking for outside of just “a man”? What qualities were you seeking when you were filming this?
That’s a great question. When we were filming the producers they wanted to know what was my type, in terms of looks. For me, I don’t really have a type when it comes down to looks.

Well after you pined for Flavor Flav, you obviously don’t.
(scream) You know what, I ain’t even going there with you. I’m going to leave that alone.

I love Flav and I think he’s hilarious. But come on.
He’s styling, he’s cute and everybody (pause) is beautiful in their own way. But [for] me, my type is someone that meshes well with my inner being — someone who can deal with the fact that sometimes I have my days when I’m problematic and sometimes I’m going to have my days when I’m going to be on his side. Someone that can definitely take me on as a whole. That’s what I was looking for.

So it’s not a physical thing?
Oh, absolutely not. Looks never mattered to me.

Oh okay because you have a motley mix of guys on this show — from the rooter to the tooter.
You know I had to do it like that.

So how long did the show take to produce?
It took about a good three and a half [weeks], I’ll say.

So it’s going to be packaged. And how many episodes are we getting?
You guys are going to get ten luscious episodes.