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Storm hits hard in upstate new york: ‘It would have killed us both’

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UTICA — Henry Simard and Nick Jones smiled Sunday even as a large section of a tree was still lying across their smashed cars.

Taking the glass-half-full view, they were simply glad the tree didn’t land on their house instead during a storm Saturday night.

As Simard, 32, and Jones, 28, stood in front of their residence at 209 Deerfield Drive East in North Utica, they spoke to a neighbor whose street had seen no such damage.

“I’m happy the tree fell this way,” Jones said to the woman, pointing first at the cars then at the house. “If it fell that way, it would have killed us both.”

The storm that struck the area Saturday night left a particularly large amount of damage on a stretch of Deerfield Drive East. Neighbors of Simard and Jones who didn’t want to comment were having branches cut off a tree that had been cracked, and other branches lined the street.

As of 8 p.m. Saturday, 8,000 households in Oneida County and about 250 in Herkimer County were without power, according to the National Grid website.

By Sunday afternoon, no households in Herkimer County remained without power, and fewer than five households in Oneida County were waiting for power to return, according to the website.

Simard and Jones said they believe the damage in their area was caused by wind because they didn’t see any marks from lightning.

Jones said his red Dodge Intrepid took the brunt of force from the segment of tree that fell. The vehicle is likely to be a total loss because of the damage, which included a caved-in roof. It was unclear how severe the damage was to Simard’s dark gray Saturn Aura.

Sunday afternoon, the two had already cut off portions of the tree.

When they first became aware of the damage Saturday night, Simard and Jones had different reactions, they said.

Simard, who had been sleeping, couldn’t believe what happened. Jones, 28, who had been watching television and heard whipping wind and a loud noise, instantly found humor in the incident.

“I laughed hysterically,” Jones said.

“He laughed, and I was in shock,” Simard said. “It was surreal.”

SHOUTS OUT to hank and nick thank god you guy”s are okay. wow