Jay Electronica Hints At Nas Collaboration, “Me & Him Have A Project That We’re Doing”

Rapper Jay Electronica has revealed an upcoming collaboration he has in the works with rap heavyweight Nas.

In addition to the New York emcee, Electronica also revealed his desire to record with Lupe Fiasco.

“Me and Mos [Def] have a project that we’re doing, me and Guilty Simpson have a project that we’re doing. I would like to do a project with Lupe — [Fiasco] we’re going to do a project at some point. Me and Nas have a project that we’re doing. I’m just trying. I’m in the process of working and connecting. I don’t really feel like a song or an album is the end-all, be-all to what we’re doing. You can expect my album this year. You can expect multiple projects this year. We’re going to do a lot this year.” (MTV)
Last month, Electronica paid homage to the contributions Nas and Jay-Z have made for hip-hop.

“Nas & Jay are 2 of the best to ever do it. The End. Stop debating,” he wrote Monday (January 11). “im not ashamed to say that i have been greatly influenced as a rapper by jay, nas,prodigy, raekwon, ghost, etc…initially, i thought Drake to be a fad, until i checked myself and really heard him out… the man is talented and can Spit yo eyes out. i’m gonna always have love forWayne. stop asking me. UPTOWN FOR LIFE Maino is a good dude and you can feel that energy from far away. His movie is just getting started, as long as he keep going he gonna win…Joe Budden is sick, and ALOT of people would LOVE to see him swept under the rug. F*ck that! Anything i say on twitter id say right into your eyeball. 50 Cent has something great dwelling inside of him… I cant WAIT TO SEE IT MANIFEST…top walking up to me talking sh*t about Puff. He’s my brother and what the f*ck happened to letting a man have room to grow and learn?” (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)
Diddy recently spoke on his utmost respect for Electronica’s music.

“Attention all djs attention all djs. I’m about to post 1 of the hottest most authentic hip hop records of 2010!!! Just for real hip hop djs,” he wrote Wednesday (December 30). “This is a record i will be promotin in 2010. My brother @jayelectronica – Exhibit C It deserves to be play on the radio! http://fblz.in/K3h4 @jayelectronica will be the breakout MC one of 2010!!!! Real hip hop!!! Artistic hip hop that’s saying something!!! SAY SOMETHING!!! Rt pls! Retweet this pls!!!. My brother @jayelectronica – Exhibit C It deserves to be play on the radio! Click here http://fblz.in/K3h4 let’s go!” (Diddy’s Twitter)
Last December, Electronica revealed his reaction to hearing his music on New York radio.

“Uh, yes [I feel good], I don’t know, it’s a lot. It’s a lot at once,” Jay told radio personality Angela Yee about the “Exhibit C” record getting spun in New York City. “I’m still just taking it all in. I’m just learning as I go man, I’m just learning as I go. Trying to figure it out as I go.” (Angela Yee Rumors)

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