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Jay Electronica Hints At Nas Collaboration, “Me & Him Have A Project That We’re Doing”

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Rapper Jay Electronica has revealed an upcoming collaboration he has in the works with rap heavyweight Nas.

In addition to the New York emcee, Electronica also revealed his desire to record with Lupe Fiasco.

“Me and Mos [Def] have a project that we’re doing, me and Guilty Simpson have a project that we’re doing. I would like to do a project with Lupe — [Fiasco] we’re going to do a project at some point. Me and Nas have a project that we’re doing. I’m just trying. I’m in the process of working and connecting. I don’t really feel like a song or an album is the end-all, be-all to what we’re doing. You can expect my album this year. You can expect multiple projects this year. We’re going to do a lot this year.” (MTV)
Last month, Electronica paid homage to the contributions Nas and Jay-Z have made for hip-hop.

“Nas & Jay are 2 of the best to ever do it. The End. Stop debating,” he wrote Monday (January 11). “im not ashamed to say that i have been greatly influenced as a rapper by jay, nas,prodigy, raekwon, ghost, etc…initially, i thought Drake to be a fad, until i checked myself and really heard him out… the man is talented and can Spit yo eyes out. i’m gonna always have love forWayne. stop asking me. UPTOWN FOR LIFE Maino is a good dude and you can feel that energy from far away. His movie is just getting started, as long as he keep going he gonna win…Joe Budden is sick, and ALOT of people would LOVE to see him swept under the rug. F*ck that! Anything i say on twitter id say right into your eyeball. 50 Cent has something great dwelling inside of him… I cant WAIT TO SEE IT MANIFEST…top walking up to me talking sh*t about Puff. He’s my brother and what the f*ck happened to letting a man have room to grow and learn?” (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)
Diddy recently spoke on his utmost respect for Electronica’s music.

“Attention all djs attention all djs. I’m about to post 1 of the hottest most authentic hip hop records of 2010!!! Just for real hip hop djs,” he wrote Wednesday (December 30). “This is a record i will be promotin in 2010. My brother @jayelectronica – Exhibit C It deserves to be play on the radio! @jayelectronica will be the breakout MC one of 2010!!!! Real hip hop!!! Artistic hip hop that’s saying something!!! SAY SOMETHING!!! Rt pls! Retweet this pls!!!. My brother @jayelectronica – Exhibit C It deserves to be play on the radio! Click here let’s go!” (Diddy’s Twitter)
Last December, Electronica revealed his reaction to hearing his music on New York radio.

“Uh, yes [I feel good], I don’t know, it’s a lot. It’s a lot at once,” Jay told radio personality Angela Yee about the “Exhibit C” record getting spun in New York City. “I’m still just taking it all in. I’m just learning as I go man, I’m just learning as I go. Trying to figure it out as I go.” (Angela Yee Rumors)

Rah Digga’s Post Flipmode Squad Album In The Works

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Former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga will reportedly drop her long-delayed sophomore album in the early summer.

While details are still coming together, producer Nottz is attached to step behind the boards.

An MC’s MC regardless of gender, Rah Digga, best known for her Lyricist Lounge performances and member of Busta Rhymes Flipmode Squad, prepares to release a second classic album June 2010 produced by Nottz. (Raw Koncept)
Last July, Digga confirmed no longer being a part of Flipmode.

“No, I’m no longer with Flipmode,” Rah explained in an interview. “It was an amicable split though. There’s no beef, none whatsoever…[Today] I can’t try to conform to what the [music] industry thinks I should be doing or records I think should be a single, I should try to run after Akon or T-Pain on the hook, I’m just going to do what I love to do.” (Street Heat)
Her association with Busta Rhymes stemmed from rap icon Q-Tip.

When A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip discovered her at a performance at New York’s Lyricist Lounge, he introduced her toBusta Rhymes, who invited her to join the Flipmode Squad. As a part of that hip-hop clique, she appeared on Rhymes’ 1997 album When Disaster Strikes and the Flipmode Squad’s The Imperial Album from 1998. (All Music)
Her debut album, Dirty Harriet, was released around 2000.

Dirty Harriet has a steely, raw sound; Digga favors bleak, unrelentingly minor-key samples, which gives the album a feel more akin to DMX and the Wu-Tang than to the tracks of most other female MCs. “Showdown” rolls with a sneaky organ hook, then Digga raps “So Cool” in a drone that recalls Ozzy Osbourne’s lower registers; the tune is about the ephemeral nature of being, well, extremely fly. “Break Fool” may be the most evil metal-rap headbanger of the month — the way Rah Digga freaks the chorus, “Smoke it up, trick it up!,” is so muscular, it oughta send Fred Durst back to the StairMaster.


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Our Sincere Condolences & Prayers Go Out to DJ STAN STRONG, His Fam & Friends. He Passed Away In a car wreck. R.I.P.

Joell Ortiz, DJ Enuff & Amanda Diva Pay Homage To Big L, “He Murdered Cats”

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Joell Ortiz, DJ Enuff and Amanda Diva have paid homage to the late rapper Big L as today marks the 11th anniversary of his passing.

Writing via Twitter, the Slaughterhouse member recited one of the New York rapper’s famous rhymes.

“Battles I loose none I make crews run, I get fools done, got ten fingers but only use one. BIG L-One of the Best to do it. RIP. CuttingEdgeNote @JoellOrtiz I run up like Machine Gun Kelly w/ a black skully put 1 in ur belly leave ya smelly then take ur pelle pelle…#2 on my top ten” Ortiz wrote Monday, February 15th. (Joell Ortiz’s Twitter)
DJ Enuff wrote a blog posting speaking on the rapper’s death.

“When Big L Passed I was just a new jack at Hot97. I remember being on Sat. Nights 12 to 4am playing Ebonics like it was yesterday. And it being so good that it had to play also 8am during the Traffic Jam. I really didn’t know him well. But his name rang bells all over the world. We called him the son of Finesse. He had similar flow and ill punch lines. Then just grew and grew and grew. Artist Like Big L defined the true meaning of the underground. If Columbia didn’t know what to do with him then Flamboyant would go for it. All I know I was playing the flamboyant stuff more then the Columbia stuff on the radio. When L passed even the Columbia stuff seemed important now. We took for granted what great Lyrics and stories Big L told on that LP. He murdered Cats. He at the time was considered the best lyrical cat pound for pound. I kind of wanted to take you back into time: Check out this old news article on Big L’s Death.” (Thats Enuff)
Singer Amanda Diva also shared her reflections on Big L’s legacy.

“RIP Big L! Flamboyant Entertainment FTW! “I’m so ahead of my time my parents aint met yet!,”” she wrote on Twitter. “@STUNNABOIMUSIC HUH? NO!! BIG L FROM 139TH/LENOX! HARLEM! 1 OF THE DOPEST MC’S TO DO IT!” (Amanda Diva’s Twitter)
Redman recently scolded Jay-Z for not paying homage to L at his concerts.

“Big L man, y’all n*ggas is f*cking wildin’,” Red said in an interview. “Yo Jay man, that n*gga Jay need to give that sh*t up to Big L anytime he’s saying anything about man, doing them shows when he have Big Pun in there, he should have Big L up in that b*tch as well. I wanted to do all them on one song and just so happens Eminem gave me the track.” (Big Pun The Legacy: The Lost Files)
The rapper was fatally shot 11 years ago in New York City.

Big L’s best-known effort, the single “Ebonics,” followed on his own Flamboyant label in the summer of 1998. Around the same time, he joined the Bronx-based hip-hop super group DITC (Diggin’ in the Crates), appearing on their single, “Dignified Soldiers.” On the evening of February 15, 1999, Big L was shot and killed just blocks away from his Harlem home; he was just 24 at the time of his death. RIP Homie….


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That”s crazy!! lol


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I gotta go with my man on the saints! Shout out to Will Smith let”s get it!! Who dat Who dat Who dat!! PS: All of utica got ya back kid! Good luck….Former Proctor star steps into spotlight in NFL’s biggest game today!!

When he was a Utica teenager growing up in Cornhill, Will Smith was bigger and faster than most.

But that wasn’t all that set him apart.

“A lot of people are talented, it’s what you decide to do with it,” said Paul Filletti, Thomas R. Proctor High School assistant football coach. “Will took that talent and ran with it.

“That’s what has gotten him where he is now,” he added.

It’s what has taken the former Proctor star from South Street in Utica to the National Football League, and now, all the way to Super Bowl XLIV.

On Sunday night, New Orleans Saints starting defensive end and team captain Smith will become the first player from the Mohawk Valley to play in the Super Bowl when his Saints meet the Indianapolis Colts in Miami.

A win by the underdog Saints and the 28-year-old Smith would make him and Utica Senior Academy graduate Ernest Jones, a member of the Super Bowl XXXII champion Denver Broncos who was injured and did not play in their 31-24 win over the Green Bay Packers, the only area players with Super Bowl rings.

“Just to be in the game, just to have this opportunity is huge,” Smith said. “It’s kind of what defines your career. You look at the guys who were great players who never got the chance to play in a Super Bowl.

“I know not everybody gets this opportunity. When it does happen, you want to make the most of it.”

That’s just what his late grandmother would want to hear.

His mother, Lisa, died of breast cancer when he was 4. His grandmother Nancy Smith later moved Will and sister Chantay from Queens to Utica in 1991.

It was a strong-willed and spirited Nancy Smith who raised them, and made sure they weren’t hanging out in the streets. “That was a no-no,” she said back in 2004, a few days before the Saints made her grandson – an AP All-America at Ohio State University — their first-round pick, No. 18 overall, in the NFL Draft.

She didn’t know much about football. She knew what was best for Will, though, and she thought being a member of Proctor’s football, basketball ,and track and field teams, and playing the trumpet would help keep him off the streets and out of trouble, so she was all for it.

“I think about her every day,” he said after helping the Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC title game. “It would’ve been great to have her down here, but I know from afar she’s looking over me and I know she’s proud of what I’ve accomplished.

“She never made sports a big deal. She wanted me to be a good person. She wanted me to get an education and get good grades and get a good job, so I could support my family. She came from nothing, never graduated from high school, but she got a job and took care of our family. … She touched so many people’s lives. She helped me get where I am today.”

Smith’s road to Super Bowl XLIV started as an eighth-grader at John F. Kennedy Junior High School. He later was a three-year starter at Proctor, helping the Raiders earn their first Section III playoff berth while making a name for himself nationally as a Class AA first-team all-state selection.

At Ohio State, where he played in games drawing more than 100,000 fans, he was a three-year starter who won a national championship as a junior.

Filletti, who will be at Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday, also was at the Fiesta Bowl that January, when Smith helped the Buckeyes cap a 14-0 season by upsetting defending champion Miami 31-24 in double-overtime.

“This is just the next step, something else for Will to accomplish,” Filletti said. “I felt the same way when I went to the national championship game to see him. You think, ‘How does it get any better than this?’ And now, it has.”

As a New Orleans Saint, Smith was named to the Pro Bowl in 2006, but this season – his sixth in the NFL — has been his best. The 6-foot-3, 282-pounder was fifth in the league with a career-high 13 sacks during the regular season, and he intercepted a pass in the divisional playoff win over the |Arizona Cardinals and forced a fumble that led to a New Orleans touchdown in the NFC title game against Minnesota.

That victory over the Vikings earned the Saints (15-3), who nearly left New Orleans for good after the city was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, their first Super Bowl trip in the 43-year history of the franchise. It also gave a kid from Cornhill the chance to play a starring role on sport’s grandest stage.

“Everything I have strived for, I have accomplished,” Smith said. “I went to Ohio State and we won a national championship and went back to school and graduated. I went to the NFL and got to play in the Pro Bowl. And now, it’s the Super Bowl.

“These are moments you can’t buy, you can only go out and do it. Only a very small few get a chance to experience this.”
Peace….DJ 808 (aka) BobbyBounce

Redman and Methodman in Albany,N.Y. Feb 28th.

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Show is @ Northern lights,Clifton park N.Y. Phone: (518) 371-0012