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Raekwon Reflects On 2009 Success, “I Still Got A Lot More To Go”

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“Do I really want to buy [the album],” Nore asked in a self-recorded video. “I believe so. Purchasing, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, that’s hip-hop y’all — this is the time for everybody to come together despite different disputes people have and come together and support real hip-hop. As you can see, I woke up in the morning, it’s before nine o’clock and I’m buying the album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. And then I’m going to the store and I’m gonna get another hard copy — I’ve never downloaded anything illegally and all y’all that’s talking about that Jay-Z album should be ashamed of yourself that you ain’t go out there and get it today, that you downloaded that sh*t. I’m buying Hov’s album today and filming it and showing proof.” (NORE TV)
Rae recently spoke on why Busta Rhymes was removed from one of the album’s Dr. Dre-produced tracks.

“‘Catalina’ was a vicious record, and we always knew that was going to be a hit,” he explained in an interview. “I remember when I actually sat in the studio with Dr. Dre and he first played it for me. I looked at his face and I could tell that he really loved the beat. I loved it because it’s my kind of beat. It was still hip hop, but it had savoir faire to it…At first we didn’t have the hook. Believe it or not, the first hook had Busta Rhymes. Busta’s the one that put me and Dre together. The first hook had a little reference from Busta Rhymes. He was singing and having fun. I liked his hook too, but we decided to change it because we don’t want people to start thinking Busta’s a singer. He’s not that kind of artist, plus he was having fun. It wasn’t nothing that he was banking on doing. We knew that record was going to the top.” Much Love and respect to Raekwon, He gonna do it even bigger in 2010……….One


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DJ AM, ROC RAIDA, MR MAGIC TRIBUTE. Big up to Alist and shout out to my man DJ Scratchmaster Jazzy-G in the photos. HAPPY NEW YEARS YALL!


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Happy New Years!!!
Big shoutout to Raekwon, Rap Radar and youtube.

D.I.T.C.’s O.C. & A.G. Refuse Big L Tribute Songs, “It Kinda F*cks Me Up”

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Diggin’ in the Crates’ O.C. and A.G. recently shared their thoughts on the popularity behind tribute songs for dead rappers and explained why they would not follow suit for a new Big L record.

In light of tribute tracks like Jadakiss’ “Letter to B.I.G.,” O.C. said he would pass on a track for the fallen group member.

“I wouldn’t do it, honestly,” he revealed in an interview. “A lot of people are doing the letters to Big and I’m not knocking what they do. But, are you doing it because you genuinely love this dude or because somebody told you it would garner you a lot of attention? I’m not feelin’ that.” (XXL Mag)
A.G. also felt there was no need to saturate hip-hop with tributes.

“And also, we did a tribute song to Big L on the D.I.T.C. album,” he added. “Me, Finesse and O are the ones who perform that and I’m going to be honest with you, every time we perform that it kinda f*cks me up. I don’t want to keep doing songs like that because it’s really authentic to me. I guess we’re too stuck in our ways. My best friend Party Arty passed away last year and we still haven’t done anything like that because it’s a little too real. Not knocking dudes who do because they may be genuine. But in this day and age, everything is so watered down that it may be taken as a gimmick instead of genuine feeling.” (XXL Mag)
Redman recently scolded Jay-Z for not paying homage to L at his concerts.

“Big L man, y’all n*ggas is f*cking wildin’,” Red said in an interview. “Yo Jay man, that n*gga Jay need to give that sh*t up to Big L anytime he’s saying anything about man, doing them shows when he have Big Pun in there, he should have Big L up in that b*tch as well. I wanted to do all them on one song and just so happens Eminem gave me track.” (Big Pun The Legacy: The Lost Files)
Prior to his death in 1999, L gained fame from his association with DITC.

A member of Fat Joe’s DITC crew, rapper Big L was born Lamont Coleman on May 30, 1974. He made his solo debut with 1995’s Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, scoring a series of underground hits including “No Endz, No Skinz,” “Street Struck” and “Da Graveyard”; Big L’s best-known effort, the single “Ebonics,” followed on his own Flamboyant label in the summer of 1998. On the evening of February 15, 1999, Big L was shot and killed just blocks away from his Harlem home; he was just 24 at the time of his death. Both the DITC album Worldwide and the second Big L solo effort, The Big Picture, followed in 2000……….R.I.P. BIG L


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This event takes place in utica,N.Y.Sept.16-18 2010

BREAKING NEWS Avenged Sevenfold drummer found dead at home

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Police say James Owen Sullivan, a drummer and backup vocalist for the Southern California band Avenged Sevenfold, has been found dead at his home in Southern California.

Lt. John Domingo says the 28-year-old Sullivan, who went by the stage name The Rev, appears to have died of natural causes on Monday in Huntington Beach.

The Orange County coroner’s office is investigating the death.

Avenged Sevenfold formed in Huntington Beach in 1999 and won Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006. According to their MySpace page, the five-man metalcore band was working on their fifth album.

The band released a statement Monday expressing their sadness and calling Sullivan “one of the world’s best drummers,” and “our best friend and brother.”

DJ Whoo Kid & Snoop Dogg – Landy Egg Nog (A DPG Christmas)

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1.Snoop Intro
3.Landy In My Egg Nogg – Bad Luck Feat Soopafly
4.A New Xmas – Hustle Boys Feat Uncle Chucc
5.Look Out Feat Nate Dogg, DAZ
6.Just Like Xmas – Half Dead And The Twins
7.A Pimp’s Xmas Feat Don Magic Juan, Jake The Flake
8.Smokin Xmas Trees – Kurupt
9.Everyday Is Like Xmas To Me – Damani
10.Need My Xolandy Feat Hustle Boys
11.Xmas With DPG’s
12.Christmas Outro

Get Your Signed Picture With Shady Claus … aka Eminem

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What better present can you get a music fan than a signed photo of Eminem as “Shady Claus?”

That’s what the Detroit rapper is offering fans on his official website,
For a limited time, Em is allowing fans to order personalized photos of himself dressed as “Shady Claus” and letting fans upload pictures of themselves sitting on his lap, thanks to a Facebook app.While you can post to your Facebook profile as a X-mas card, you can also order an autographed print for $24.95. Em has enough cash, so all proceeds from the photos will benefit his charitable organization, the Marshall Mathers Foundation, which supports disadvantaged youth.To get your Shady Claus photo, head over to

The promotion is in support of his new Relapse re-release called Relapse: Refill, which includes all the album’s original tracks as well as seven brand new songs. Get your copy at The album is in stores now…. Happy Holidays!

Nicki Minaj Joins Mariah Carey At The Dollhouse For ”Up Out My Face” Video Shoot

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– Mariah Carey has teamed up with one of the Young Money’s artists Nicki Minaj in a music video supporting her single “Up Out My Face”. Beside making a cameo, Nicki is also assumed to lend her vocal to the track.

As a teaser, several pictures of the forthcoming video have been outed by Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon on his official website. They capture the two singers as two Barbie dolls with Mariah wearing a red long dress, while Nicki sporting a white mini skirt.

Mariah has also promised to post several stills on Twitter. “So, you all know I don’t know how to twitpic-But I WILL! Check out some pics from ‘UOMF’ featuring the fabulous Nicki Minaj! Stonewinner!” she wrote. However, it is still unclear whether or not the snaps will be new ones.

“Up Out My Face” appears in Mariah Carey’s latest studio album “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel”. The track was written and produced by Mariah, The-Dream and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart. Its music video is yet to have any premiere date.

Ashanti Sex Text Stalker Pleads Innocence, “Sending Pictures & Texts Is Not A Crime”

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The Indiana man accused of stalking R&B singer/actress Ashanti Douglas has pleaded his innocence to the media.How did this guy get her number? hmmm